Asteroid, Earth, Asteroid Day, Tunguska event International Asteroid day

The same curiosity that sends us to the stars at the speed of thought urges us to go there in reality and whenever we make a great new leap, we elevate humanity, bring people and nations together, Music, ushering new discoveries and new technologies. Music. So remember to look up at the starts and not […]

Asteroid, Earth, Asteroid Day, Tunguska event June 30…The Tunguska Event

That gives you just enough information to effectively be that guy at the party causing all your friends to question hey who invited you like seriously. Why are you here i’m, your host michael montalban, for the next few minutes. We will swim through the river of time to try and find out what makes […]

Asteroid, Earth, Asteroid Day, Tunguska event ms to raise awareness on asteroids, threats it poses

Where do asteroids come from. I was just doing some research and i found that there’s a connection with comets uh. Yes, both uh asteroids and commons are the leftovers from the formation of the planets. So this happened four and a half billion years ago, uh. But much of that material is still orbiting. […]