Dinosaur, Arctic, Tyrannosaurus Bigfin Squid – Animal of the Week

The big fin squid one of the many horrors that inhabits our oceans, big fin squid, are actually a genus of five different supposed species, but due to the elusive nature of these animals, few specimens of each species have ever been studied and so it’s not unlikely that Perhaps some of them have been […]

Dinosaur, Arctic, Tyrannosaurus Whoever Can Survive The Most Days in Jurassic Park in Hardcore Minecraft Wins

These things are bloodthirsty and there’s a whole there’s, a ton of them. Okay, you got like pterodactyls, you got a t rex, a velociraptors. These things will chase you down. Okay, they will take a man down no problem. We’Re gon na see who can survive the longest? Who can survive the most days […]

Dinosaur, Arctic, Tyrannosaurus my friend is possessed..

Have you ever seen a dog’s fur at 40 miles per hour? Oh you haven’t! Well, now you have. He went into italics for all of you, half swipers out there you’re getting exposed. I am guilty as charged. They will know peter parker looks different here or not really. He literally looks like tom […]