Paimon, 2021, April Barbara's Reaction To You Being Creepy Genshin Impact

Sister barbara said that she was going out to pick some herbs earlier, but i’m afraid that she has yet to return. Hmm, perhaps i should report the matter to the knights of helfonius you well, i guess that’s, the honorary knight. You may very well be a good fit for the task, not to […]

Paimon, 2021, April Toque Qualquer Música Automaticamente Genshin Impact windsong lyre Auto Play (Hack?)

Do jogo que um novo item e vai t na descrio a todos os links de download t lembrando que esse mtodo s, funciona quem, usa computador no pas deixam e, no celular, no funciona mas em breve talvez bater um mtodo que faa isso ento t trazendo, para Vocs: ento fiquei com, vdeo e […]

Paimon, 2021, April Razor Is Back In Paimon's Bargains, Don't Miss This! | Genshin Impact

Take a look at what’s up for sale, okay, guys so for the next 30 days we have in the shop in the star glitter exchange for paimon’s bargains. We have razor if you don’t, have razor highly recommend. You get him, especially if you love claymore users. This guy can be a carry for […]


If you guys don’t know, gentian impact has been out for half a year now and i am an f2p player. I’Ve spent no money on the game, and i just want to let you guys know how many resources i required, how many primo gems, intertwined fates, etc. Stuff, like that resources, everything that […]

Paimon, April, 2021 Shop Reset | This ACTUALLY Changes Everything Genshin Impact

Thank you not really. I just needed you to talk to me for a minute anyways. I heard the new shop as we said, and i wanted to know your opinions on what i should do in the show this month, but the star glitter shop. Yes, it is exactly what i need well, i […]

Paimon, April, 2021 CTUAL April Starglitter Shop – Genshin Impact Paimon's Bargain

As a monthly reminder, you should always buy the five intertwined fates and a five a quaint fades every month, that’s the best use for your stardust. Everything else in the shop is not really worth it since you can farm it all, maybe the dust of azoff, if you really really need it, but […]