Blood Sugar, Apple Watch, Blood glucose monitoring you Buy an Apple Watch NOW or wait for Series 7?!

So in this video I wan na go through our thoughts and experience with it to let you guys know if its still worth buying because, as we all know, were inching closer and closer to the release date of next Series. 7 Apple Watch, which already has a bunch of leaks and rumors surrounding […]

Blood Sugar, Apple Watch, Blood glucose monitoring Check Blood Sugar Level Easily | Apple Smartwatch Series 7 | Future Tech | Mac Tech Tamil

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Blood Sugar, Apple Watch, Blood glucose monitoring Heart Rate and SP02 Monitor – Faster than a $500 Apple Watch!!!

Yes, we got a new product. This is a little uh. Highway, monitor also can measure how well you breathe or how effectively you can breathe by the sp02 levels, uh a normal uh percentage for dollars around 96. So if it’s like higher than that, then you may have some issues or, if it’s […]

Apple Watch, iPhone 13: the END of Facebook

Messing around they’re, taking a firm stance on privacy and they’re about to start publicly calling out some bad actors who aren’t doing things with your best interest at heart. On your phone, which is great and all, but what? If that means no more instagram facebook or google on your iphone let’s talk about […]

Apple Watch, iPhone EN UCUZ APPLE WATCH SAAT – Apple Watch SE – ön inceleme özellikleri ve kutu açılımı – fiyatı

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Apple Watch, iPhone  NOVO iOS 14.4 e WatchOS 7.3 – Novidades e Recursos Novos (p/ iPhones e Apple Watch)

Se, voc acessar, o aplicativo do ajuste tocar em privacidade selecionar rastreamento vai vir aqui esse, novo recurso que impede que alguns aplicativos de rastreio em atravs de sites e outros aplicativos que voc navegam ele colete dados, o nome de paz, que voc gosta para fazer um Market Dele n Tem alguns aplicativos aqui […]

Apple Watch Series 7: Glucose Sensor? Airpods Pro 2 in April? Titanium MacBook in the works?

Finally, getting more and more pieces to the apple watch series 7 puzzle plus there’s, some more airpods pro 2 stuff and macbook pro chatter, so let’s just get right into it and the apple watch has, you know, hit a little bit of a plateau from a feature Standpoint, i still haven’t updated mine […]

Apple Watch J'ai la nouvelle Apple Watch BLACK UNITY (Edition Limitée)

Limite de son apple watch sries6 aux couleurs du drapeau panafricain savoir du verre du noir et du rouge, et le panafricanisme c’est le premier, mouvement qui, a conduit l’indpendance totale du continent, africain il souvent, c’est apple soutient des causes, qui lui, sont, coeur, comme par exemple, la Couleur rouge de ses produits sont […]

Apple Watch Black Unity Collection Unboxing!

Bringing you an unboxing of a very special apple watch, this one right here: the black unity collection that’s available. Today, on and apple stores, so shall we get started? This special edition apple watch comes in this nondescript black box, with the words apple watch engraved up top over here on the bottom […]

Apple Watch, Black History Month, African-American history The Reason Why Blacks Have Bad Credit. Black History Month |The Credit Solutionist #nocredit #BHM

So if you happen to come across this video hit the bell again and hit the notification for all, we got ta fight the powers that be together now before we jump into this video. I want to give you a trigger warning. This video is absolutely gon na trigger you. Are you ready for […]