AirPods, Apple Music, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference June 7th Apple Event Last Minute Leaks! (New Software & Hardware)

Where apple talks about the next upcoming. You know, ios 15 and all the different software updates, as well as possibly really some new products. So in today’s, video i’m gon na go over everything you need to know so. Let’S begin all right, so start off, we’re not hearing much about ios 15, because […]

AirPods, Apple Music, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 1X MacBook Pro, Mac Mini & AirPods 3 Incoming! – WWDC 2021 Hardware Preview!

I wanted to share with you guys the latest leaks and rumors surrounding the hardware that could be announced as early as next week at wwdc, 2021 and before anybody says well. Oh, this is only a software focused event. You’Re right, it is mainly focused on software, but apple has released hardware at wwdc […]

AirPods, Apple Music, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference NEW MacBook Pro “M1X” & Mac Mini Pro – WWDC 2021

So, whether it’s, the mac mini as well as the macbook pro and some of the other products that have been rumored from apple for quite a while now they’ve already had a very eventful year and a lot of it has been m1 focused dating back to last Year, as you guys might remember, […]

Apple Music, AirPods, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 – iOS 15 Last minute leaks and more

Aaron here for Zollotech and WWDC 2021 or the worldwide developer conference, is right around the corner. We’ve been waiting for it for a long time where we should see things like iOS, 15 and much more.. So I wanted to talk about everything to expect. And the first thing is when and where to […]

Apple Music, AirPods, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference え!Apple Musicイベントも有り?明日午前2時のWWDC21直前!追加情報と何が出るのか予測の再まとめ

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Apple Music, AirPods, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 's WWDC June 7 Event: What to REALISTICALLY Expect!

So what i’m going to do in this video is go through. Some recently revealed leaks, rumors and hints from apple themselves to figure out what we should realistically expect and what we shouldn’t so let’s get right into it. First, off dub, dub dc has always been apple’s software developer event, where they always […]

AirPods, Apple Music, High fidelity Bluetooth Audio Transmission to Speakers and Headphones | Simon Hutchinson

, And now you’re sittingdown to listen. Some crystal clear, music. You put on your Bluetooth headphones …. Ah, we mighthave an issue here. Now, Bluetooth, headphones and speakers are super convenient, but just as wethink about the audio fidelity of a medium, including streaming services, we should understandwhat conversions, Bluetooth introduces to audioas. It […]

AirPods, Apple Music, High fidelity -Fi: Lo que esperar y lo que NO

No por ejemplo, conseguir saber qu papel va a incorporar una funcin de calidad educativa es decir lo mismo que tienen un montn de plataformas de vdeo bajo demanda en youtube es la ms popular y, que nos encontramos en el da, a da youtube es, muy habitual pona. El ejemplo esta maana con podrn, […]

AirPods, Apple Music, High fidelity Will Apple Music HD Bring Spacial Audio to your HOME?

6 leaks are lining up for a new feature Music. This video is supported by nordpass, letting you store all of your passwords in one place, organize your logins and private notes in a secure, password, vault and access it all with a single master password and with nordpass’s data breach scanner. You can find […]

Apple Music, Spotify, 2021 How To Stream Mashups On Spotify, Apple Music & YouTube Music (EASY)

Please can you put this on spotify and we wish we could, but unfortunately, we can’t because of copyright reasons, but today i’m, going to show you how you yourself can listen to your favorite mashups um by posting them yourself for personal use, so i’m going to be Talking about free streaming services today, […]