Apple iPhone 5, Mobile phone, iPod touch EN How to unlock the iPhone and iPad when touch screen is broken

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Apple iPhone 5, Mobile phone, iPod touch INSTAGRAM++ is HERE ! How to Download it on iOS & Android in 2021

So let me just show you guys some of these. So i’m going to go over to settings and you can see it says: ig plus plus settings and there’s a bunch of options. You can go ahead and change in this menu guys. It is super crazy. So you can see story, settings, dm […]

Apple iPhone 5, Mobile phone, iPod touch 4S retro review 9 years later

In 2011, there weren’t that many smartphones, but one of the hottest smartphones was the iphone 4s. The first iphone with the siri voice assistant 3.5 inch screen with the resolution on 960×640, which was considered one of the best resolutions out there it’s also an ips lcd and, as you can see, while we’re […]