Chiron, Apparent retrograde motion Venus Conjunct Mars, Chiron Retrograde in Aries, Mercury Trine Jupiter- Astrology and Intuitive

It feels so good to have you here if we’re meeting for the first time welcome and if you are an old friend to me and the youtube channel, then welcome back so as you can see, we’re in a different environment. Again, you guys know i moved and i’m moving, meaning that since i […]

Chiron, Apparent retrograde motion Weekly Astrology Vibes Transits July 12th to 18th| Venus Conjunct Mars| Chiron Retrograde 2021☄️⭐

The next seven days is going to be filled with some amazing aspects, plus some harder aspects that are going to be going on. Mercury and venus are going to be prominent again this week, so we have a lot of stuff going on with our communication and our thought processes and our relationships. Our […]