Apple, Epic Games, Fortnite, App Store RESPONDE! – MALAS NOTICIAS – Apple vs Fortnite

No te has suscrito aprieta el botn, ac abajo para que no te. Pierdas nuestros prximos vdeos ahora si comencemos con este vdeo ayer en la noche, vimos el mensaje de epic games, con el cual la empresa, le est pidiendo a paul que activara otra vez la cuenta de desarrollador de epic games, para […]

Apple, Epic Games, Fortnite, App Store NA! – Fortnite PODRÁ REGRESAR AL APP STORE!

Ms de un, ao y en este vdeo te estar explicando todo. Lo que est pasando. As que comencemos antes de empezar quiero invitarte a que te suscribas y aprieta ese botn de light ya que por fin esta batalla est a punto de terminar y el juego est a punto de regresar y en […]

Apple, Epic Games, Fortnite, App Store V Apple Ruling Revealed! Will Fortnite Return to App Store?

It is andrew here you can find me on twitter at andrew underscore osu, and the ruling in the epic verse apple case is officially in so lets break down what the judge has decided and what it means for app store and apps going forward. And what is certainly a mixed ruling has benefits […]

Apple, App Store Ryan blasted off into Space Pretend Play!

What are you doing? Im a galaxy explorer flying through the galaxy yeah thats, great imagination, ryan? Oh, you know what i have a brand new galaxy themed toy. You want to play with it. Yeah all right lets go Music, so ryan. This is a brand new galaxy explorers themed ryans world toys. What […]

Apple, App Store iOS 15 Beta 7 is Out! – What's New?

Aaron here for Zollotech and today apple released iOS 15 beta 7.. This is available to developers and soon to public beta testers., Generally apple has been releasing it the next day for public beta testers.. So if youre not seeing it by the time of this video, I would expect it tomorrow.. Now. This […]

Apple, App Store Top 5 Apps For iPhone! (2021)

, simplicity and longevity were two requirements when compiling this list, which means apps that take A little while to set up and apps that do not last very long in the app store will not be on this list. These apps are in no particular order, and i will have direct links to all […]

Android, Apple, Google Play, Epic Games, App store Bounce Ball 5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 104 ( iOS, Android)

Great Music is Applause. Music out, Music is Applause. Music im Music is Music great Music. Three Music Music is Music foreign, Music Applause; Applause, bye, Applause, Music, wow, Music. Are you Music, foreign Music, me Music, right, Music, Applause, Music? Now, Music Applause, Music, oh Music, Applause, Music, Music. You just put your lips […]

Android, Apple, Google Play, Epic Games, App store Red Ball 4 Gameplay All Balls And All Levels (Ios, Android)

Here we go Music, so Music, ricky, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music.

Android, Apple, Google Play, Epic Games, App store FORTNITE MOBILE IS BACK ON IOS APP STORE! (How To Get Fortnite Mobile on Ios)

Welcome back to the brand new video onto the channel. In this video im going to be telling you basically how to get fullnet mobile on ios, because full nut mobile is actually back on the ios app store. So make sure you watch until the end of the video. If you guys want to […]

Apple, watchOS, iOS, App Store, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, iPhone 2021 | What to Expects ? | MacBook, MacOS, WatchOS, Ipad OS.

How are you in this particular video we’ll be discussing about what you can expect in this year’s wwdc? That is wwtc 2021, so in this particular wwpc. If we leave the rumors, then this have a lot of things. A lot of hardware and software update, which is yet to come, and yet to […]