MIUI, Xiaomi, Android 12.5 VS One UI 3.1 VS Stock Android Xiaomi VS Samsung

5 and stock android were going to talk about some of the differences in the user experience today. Hey guys, my name is mitchell im fluent in tech, so you dont need to be, and if you guys want to go ahead and ask me, questions twitter or the links down below is the best […]


No final de 2021 mas os desenvolvedores de temas da xiaomi criaram um tema que simula a nova central de controle da mil em 13 e funciona no seu xiaomi namewee 12 ou na Uai 12.5 deixa eu mostrar como que voc baixa e ativa esse novo recurso Olha Que bacana entra aqui na loja […]

MIUI, Xiaomi, Android 's New Desktop Mode For Android Pretty Cool!

This was actually launched recently with the miui 12.5 update for another device in their lineup, known as the me mix fold. But as soon as you side load that application on the me pad 5 or the me pad 5 pro, which we have in this video. It does work with this unit. They […]

Computer virus, Android HOW TO HACK ANDROID APPS(💯working🔥)

Alright, in todays video we are going to look at how to hack android apps. Yes, we are going to hack, android apps. Believe me, you know what some apps you need to pay for before you can access their vip session or before you can access the other parts to understand thats the pro […]

Computer virus, Android FAHAMU VIRUSI 10 VYA KOMPYUTA HATARI ZAIDI DUNIANI ( Be aware of 10 computer viruses).

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Computer virus, Android How to Fix Android Calendar Virus Warning Problem?

In case you forget later, what is the android calendar virus warning? Cyber criminals and online fraudsters keep inventing new methods to trick users into the scam. The android calendar virus warning is one of them. They create several events in your android calendar app, which keeps showing notifications. The notification tries to warn you […]

Google, Android, Cloud storage, Cloud computing Software PBX Installation Guide – Deploy Yeastar P-Series PBX System Software Edition on AWS

Pbx software edition can be deployed on the cloud server to provide a single instance cloud telephony system. This video will explain how to deploy the yay star p service, pbx software edition on aws from step. One all right here we go. First of all, we offer 30 day trial license for free with […]

Google, Android, Cloud storage, Cloud computing Samsung Z Flip 3 Review: The First Big Step!

If this really is the future of how smartphones could be, then the tech is going to have to get better and better to the point where folding in half is just another feature right. There cant be huge compromises or massive price tags or awkward things about it. It has to just be one […]

Google, Android, Cloud storage, Cloud computing 7 AWESOME Nextcloud Apps I Use Everyday

Now, if youre not sure what next cloud is. Basically, it is a free and open source web platform that allows you to self host a lot of these services that you turn to either google or microsoft for such as things like cloud storage, online office, suites teams, applications and things like that now […]

Android, Apple, Google Play, Epic Games, App store Bounce Ball 5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 104 ( iOS, Android)

Great Music is Applause. Music out, Music is Applause. Music im Music is Music great Music. Three Music Music is Music foreign, Music Applause; Applause, bye, Applause, Music, wow, Music. Are you Music, foreign Music, me Music, right, Music, Applause, Music? Now, Music Applause, Music, oh Music, Applause, Music, Music. You just put your lips […]