, Online shopping, Amazon Web Services How Big Is Amazon?

If you haven’t we’ve got you covered today, we’ll tell you all about amazon and how big it is. Stay tuned and don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos. Let’S start more than a decade ago. The idea of browsing online for almost anything that you wanted […], Online shopping, Amazon Web Services Meet The New CEO Of Amazon

The second quarter just came to an end and andy. Jassy just became the new leader of amazon, but who even is andy? Jazzy and how did he become bezos top choice? Taking a look back andrew jazzy was born on january 13, 1968 in scarsdale, new york, andy’s childhood wasn’t lavish or opulent per […]

Amazon Echo, Color,, Discounts and allowances Nouvelle Lamborghini Huracan Evo 2021 Au Maroc || Sound & To Speed

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Amazon Echo, Color,, Discounts and allowances LG C1 OLED vs LG A1 OLED TV Review (2021) – Is It Worth the Extra Money?

Hi, Im Ryan a lead tester at, where we helpyoufind the best product foryourneeds. Today, we’re, comparing the Lg C1 OLED against the LG A1 OLED. To answer the question of whether you should spend more to upgrade to the C1. We’ll, mostly talk about the differences between the two TVs and skip over […]


It took like four tries to get to that today. That was a good round, though, if you guys want to play fortnite with me, add me down below post your username and then maybe we can play but yeah in this video. I want to share with you guys, alibaba tips that have saved […]

Independence Day, Walmart,, Discounts and allowances How I Became a Digital Nomad in College

What steps i took, what resources i consumed and what advice i have the most important, crucial advice that i have for other people, perhaps other students or other young people in general, looking to become a digital nomad. If you like this kind of content check out my channel, i make a ton of […]

Independence Day,, Walmart, Discounts and allowances Testing Real Viral TikTok Gta 5 Glitches in Online! #6

These do all work. As i made sure i picked out, some real ones so feel free to try these as well. Along with me, and i made sure i picked up some fun and cool glitches to do in this video um. So i hope you enjoyed them and if you do, please leave […]

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer,, James Bond, Spectre ZON BUYS MGM PRODUCERS OF JAMES BOND

The company announced on wednesday that it has made a deal to acquire mgm, the home of james bond and one of the most iconic movie studios in hollywood, the deal which is valued at 8.45 billion dollars gives amazon an extensive library of film and tv shows that It can use to fill out […]

Smart speaker, Amazon Echo Show, 10 Real World REVIEW – This is creepy… | The Tech Chap

Had this, the uh well come on face to front the new echo show 10 for a couple of weeks now and as much as i really do like this, i must admit at the start. I did feel a little bit uneasy as it kept following me around. Then again, i think we all […]

Smart speaker, Amazon Echo Show, 10 | Setup, Tour & Review | Best Smart Display 2021

Of course, the equal shore 10. Certainly ain’t cheap it’ll cost you the same, only random price of 228 pounds when it hits blighty this thursday, but it is also a really clever bugger and a strong rival to google’s nest hub max. So what i’m going to do now is walk you through the […]