Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer,, James Bond, Spectre ZON BUYS MGM PRODUCERS OF JAMES BOND

The company announced on wednesday that it has made a deal to acquire mgm, the home of james bond and one of the most iconic movie studios in hollywood, the deal which is valued at 8.45 billion dollars gives amazon an extensive library of film and tv shows that It can use to fill out […]

Smart speaker, Amazon Echo Show, 10 Real World REVIEW – This is creepy… | The Tech Chap

Had this, the uh well come on face to front the new echo show 10 for a couple of weeks now and as much as i really do like this, i must admit at the start. I did feel a little bit uneasy as it kept following me around. Then again, i think we all […]

Smart speaker, Amazon Echo Show, 10 | Setup, Tour & Review | Best Smart Display 2021

Of course, the equal shore 10. Certainly ain’t cheap it’ll cost you the same, only random price of 228 pounds when it hits blighty this thursday, but it is also a really clever bugger and a strong rival to google’s nest hub max. So what i’m going to do now is walk you through the […]

Smart speaker, Amazon Echo Show, 10 review: Smart displays are on the move

Next level creepy let’s find out today we’re going to talk about how the echo 10 stacks up when it comes to smarts, sound cameras and whether or not that creepy following you thing works or not. First let’s talk about, looks design, wise it’s, fine. It looks like an echo show smart display, slapped […]

Discounts and allowances,, Best Buy, Washington’s Birthday, Amazon Fire 7 YES BONUS PAYMENTS SENT! $2000 THIRD STIMULUS CHECK UPDATE & Social Security Benefits 2021 SSI SSDI

How’S your day been tell me down in the comments now we have some great news in regards to a third semester. Payments coming from congress to have fewer people in the classroom, you have to have ventilation systems that have been reworked. President biden told nora o’donnell that federal guidance for a return to […]

Discounts and allowances,, Best Buy, Washington’s Birthday, Amazon Fire 7 Giving Employee Bonuses Despite Losing $12B Last Year | Seattle Real Estate Podcast

What are we talking about today? Boeing workers, boeing from seattle, boeing workers will get bonuses despite terrible 2020. here’s. How this will work dominique gates covers the seattle times, aerospace reporter we’re, going to talk about it. You lose billions of dollars because you had a couple of planes fall out of the sky, […]

Discounts and allowances,, Best Buy, Amazon Fire 7, Washington’s Birthday How Does Fever Help You Get Better? (Podcast)

Any credit card can offer cash back, but only discover matches all the cash back. You’Ve earned at the end of your first year, it’s like getting one of those birthday cards. That’S shaped like cash, so you already know there’s cash inside before opening it, but in this case it’s stuffed with your first […]

Valentine’s Day, Gadget, 10 BEST Valentines gift for HIM / HER *Holiday Gift Guide* ▶ 2021

I hope the owl overs got your quality gift ready, so without wasting our time. Let’S. Take a look at our first gift idea. This season quick reminder before we begin: please don’t, forget to smash the like button and subscribe with the notification on so you don’t miss any content from cloud tech Music. […]

Valentine’s Day, Gadget, Favorite Must Haves – February 2021 #tiktokcompilations

Next. Is this really cute portable phone charger that you can also use as a fan? It actually stands on its own and you can also use it as a flashlight. So it has three different functions and last is this personal safety alarm that makes an extremely loud and shrill sound when you press […]

Valentine’s Day, Gadget, 5 Tech Gift Items for Valentines day!

What can i get some for valentine’s day so that’s, where i come in just think of me as santa claus, but for valentine’s day and i come bearing gifts. So my friends at the rightmo have three gift bundles for valentine’s day and they were kind enough to send them over to me. So […]