Earthquake, Glacier, Alaska, Research Sewage surveillance for COVID-19 | COVID-19 Special

One breakthrough originates right beneath us. Wastewater tells an intriguing tale of a city and the movement of a virus in all its mutations, an early warning system, but strangely one that some governments are turning their noses up at well, it does stink. No one wants to talk about it or go anywhere near […]

Earthquake, Glacier, Alaska, Research Why the Glacier Peak Volcano Could be the Biggest Threat to the USA you Haven't Heard About

This massive stratovolcano looms over the surrounding rugged landscape, known to the native people of the cascades as dhaka bed. The volcano sits at over 3 200 meters high supporting the numerous summit glaciers that give it its western name. Today. Glacier peak remains one of the remaining outposts of wilderness in the lower 48, […]