Moon, Alan Shepard, Apollo 14, NASA Governor John H Sununu Reminisces about Alan Shepard's Mission to the Moon

It is a year of anniversaries for one of the namesakes of the center admiral alan shepard 2021 is the 60th anniversary of admiral shepard, going into space flying 115 miles up on a redstone rocket to become the first american in space of 1961.. Ten years later, which now makes that the 50th anniversary […]

Moon, Alan Shepard, Apollo 14, NASA ; 50th Anniversary | Astronomy Films

11. 10. 9. 8. Ignition sequence start five. Four, three, two one zero launch commit liftoff. We have liftoff with apollo 14 three minutes past the hour.

Moon, Alan Shepard, Apollo 14, NASA : ‘A Wild Place Up Here’

And the samples returned gave us that information. That was what Apollo 14 did. That was so trailblazing. Music. Well, we better back up here and think about this one Houston.. They continued to believe that this mission might never get started and Mission Control is pretty convinced it wouldn’t either., First attempt. Dock couldnt […]