Airbnb, Joshua Tree National Park Solo Trip to Joshua Tree 🚗 | Solo Trip Vlog

6. 54 am i’m already behind schedule. Anyways. Today i have a very exciting video. Today i am headed off to joshua tree national park. I wanted to get an early start, so i could get hiking early growing up in arizona. I think it’ll probably be pretty similar to what i’m used to, but […]

Airbnb, Joshua Tree National Park Desert Hot Springs and Joshua Tree Airbnb Yurt Tour – Birthday Vlog 2021

Look how cute it is it’s, pretty spacious, too feelings are kind of tall let’s go outside and see how the weather is elena claimed. It was nice super nice morning really is gorgeous the camera’s not going to do it. Justice on how pretty the mountains are, because you’re just so close to the […]

Airbnb, Joshua Tree National Park OSHUA TREE TRAVEL VLOG | the CUTEST boho airbnb, sunsets & smores

For a couple weeks and then i come back for a couple weeks, then i go back home to iowa for two weeks. Then i’m, coming back to la for two weeks and then i’m, going back to iowa again for christmas for three weeks and i’ll be back in la in january i’m. Kind […]