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And so it is very important, especially on these upcoming hot summer days, that we still have a reliable and cost effective way to run our air conditioning. As many of you know, we have an integrated solar system on our travel, trailer that we live off of. However, it’s not really robust enough to […]

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A sweat playing baseball it’ll feel good to get out of the hot sun inside it’s much cooler that’s, because ted has an air conditioner. This is one kind of cooling device. The refrigerator in the kitchen is another kind of cooling device. How does it work? A basic principle of refrigeration is that cold […]

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So first thing i want to do is check all my work downstairs. I don’t want to be going up and down coil’s, not frosted, not freezing, vapor fans working. We have a call for cooling now on this unit, it’s difficult to get to the solenoid. Usually, i would test that before going up, […]

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Please see this video tutorial for lens to learn about hvac basics, interview questions. After watching this video, i hvac technician better, learn what questions should be asked interview thanks for watching. Please subscribe my channel and click the bell icon to get update video notification. We need your support for making more let’s start. […]

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Here we got my low voltage redone taken out of the condenser section, so it won’t rot out as bad. We got our wires pulled up for our fan motors in to this section here and tidied up uh everything’s up and off of our lines. I cleaned out the inside cleaned out around the […]