Afghanistan, Taliban, Political science ‘We Are Here Alone’: An Afghan Translator’s Plea for Help | NYT

Now, as the U.S. officially wraps up its military mission in Afghanistan, Its time to end Americas, longest war., tens of thousands of Afghan interpreters and contractors like Romal fear they will be targeted by the Taliban.. Last night, too much attacks on the base., The kids they cried., I told them. There is no […]

Afghanistan, Taliban, Political science Capehart and Gerson on the Taliban’s march across Afghanistan, dire climate change data

This week may have felt chaotic to many.. It certainly did to me., Luckily to help us make sense of it all. We have the analysis of Capehart and Gerson. Thats Jonathan Capehart and Michael Gerson. Both columnists for The Washington Post. David Brooks is on vacation., Gentlemen, very good to see you.. Thank you […]

Afghanistan, Taliban, Political science What comes next after Taliban take over of Afghanistan?

Afghanistan battled president fleeing the country today, as the government crumbled and chaos ensued. Good evening, im dawn timmeny, the takeover leading president joe biden to now authorize an additional 1 000 troops for deployment to afghanistan. Helicopters have been racing overhead to evacuate personnel from the u.s embassy, which is now closed. The u.s […]