Rick and Morty, Space Jam, Adult Swim I Trolled Youtubers with a Rick & Morty Live Event!

This is one of the best trolls i’ve ever pulled off and their reaction when i revealed that it was a prank, were priceless. No way you just trolled me again dude. Why do you always have to control me tripping bro? I thought this was actually information. I’Ve seen a lot of people comment […]

Rick and Morty, Space Jam, Adult Swim Drunk ReCAP: SPACE JAM

Can i tell you about space jam? Please tell me about space gym honey. Are you ready to come on and slam i’m, not sure? If i welcome to the slam you’re about to get slammed, let me tell you when it comes to humanity and the contributions we make as the works of fiction […]

Rick and Morty, Space Jam, Adult Swim Deadpool and Korg React

Well hello, there and whats up Reaction Faction, It’s Deadpool. Dont forget to smash that subscribe button and follow me on Patreon. Last week. You all really liked my Cruella trailer reaction. Video., Where are the f dogs, So this week Ill be reacting to a trailer for a movie which I honestly thought came […]