Adobe Acrobat, Vulnerability, Adobe System Utilities

Let me put this in present mode and let me get out of the full screen part. Okay, so it says windows and there are alternatives. Regarding the system utilities, our first utility is called disk cleanup. Okay, this cleanup. When you run it, it helps uh. It helps you remove files that you have […]

Adobe Acrobat, Vulnerability, Adobe Does Hacking Require Programming Skills?

I want to talk. About. Reality is a bit messy and the long answer is it. Depends. So lets explore a few thoughts about this.. As you hopefully know recently, I made videos about SerenityOS specifically looking at kernel security issues. And if you follow me on twitter, you might have seen me retweeting several […]

Adobe Acrobat, Vulnerability, Adobe Interactive infographic example using Indesign and Adobe Illustrator

I want to share with you a interactive infographic that i created a few years back for somebody um. I want to share with you what i created, how i created it um and why i created it so let’s get started. Active infographic um i created for watchguard um. I wanted to help them […]