DNA, Robot, Genetics, A-DNA Biology – Secret of Life – 8.3 – Sequencing

Dna is a long polymeric molecule. Much like a ladder. Thats been twisted. The rails of this ladder are made up of sugar and phosphate groups under rungs, a pair of compounds known as nucleotide bases or base pairs, as we refer to them. Do you recall the name of the four nucleotides that make […]

DNA, Robot, Genetics, A-DNA "I Tried To Warn You" | Elon Musk's Last Warning (2021)

I try to convince people to slow down slow down ai to regulate ai. This was futile. I tried for years its capable of vastly more than almost anyone else, and the rate of improvement is exponential and it scares the hell out of me. The biggest issue i see with so called ai experts […]

DNA, Robot, Genetics, A-DNA Stealing BOSS DNA to UPGRADE in Minecraft!

What am i going to do with the dna? Something totally legal and not frowned upon by other doctors heres how it went bessie? Why are you staring at me? So weird wait: what the was that? What the did you just turn me into a cow also, why do i have a metal, scraper […]