Halo Infinite, 343 Industries, Xbox One, 2022 The Halo Dream

I am peace. I am salvation is Music. Why do you always jump one of these days, you’re gon na land, on something as stubborn as you are, and i don’t do don’t make a girl a comment? If you know you can’t keep Music. The brave mind is known childhood of my enemy. Why […]

Halo Infinite, 343 Industries, Xbox One, 2022 March Update Preview: Sound Design & FALCON Confirmed!? [ft. @FootedGhost]

If you don’t know him footed ghost is an awesome, halo content creator so make sure to go check out his channel right after this video thanks knight, hello, doing guys today, footed ghost and i are going to be discussing what we expect to see in this month’s Inside infinite update and make sure […]

Halo Infinite, 343 Industries, Xbox One, 2022 March | Audio EVOLVED + New Halo Infinite Weapons!

That’S, never before been in a halo game. That is absolutely badass has been confirmed by 343, so you guys are going to want to stick around throughout the entirety of this video, so you don’t miss any of this juicy news. Welcome back to the channel everybody i’m, your boy patman, if you’re new […]

Sun, China, 2022, Solar flare, Earth, Space ship's Secret Tanker Problem & Why The Moon Is The Key To SpaceX's Mars Colony!

. It looks quite nice, of course, but there is a problem which SpaceX isn’t really telling you about., Namely that six refueling tankers will be needed to fill up just one single Starship with enough fuel to be able to land on the surface of Mars.. So for launching Elon’s famous 1000 Starships to […]