Hem Smartphones Den Monster smartphonen.

Den Monster smartphonen.

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A really Appealing Android Smartphone. The Oukitel K10000 Pro has an astonishing Battery Life and Durable Body Quality. This is actually Cam is doing not have, specifically as compared to existing and forthcoming smartphones like the Oneplus 5, Google Pixel/ Pixel 2, Apple iphone 7/ Apple iphone 8, och så vidare.

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  1. It would be amazing if we could hit 2,500 Likes! ?
    A lot of you guys have asked for a video about Android Setups, is this something you want?

    1. John im not kidding they really are so stupid on the internet, it’s like they think they’re behind this invisible wall and they can say or do anything on it without any repurcussions (which is sorta true but these guys take it to a whole new level) “open up ur pantiwas what a creep messaged my best friend when she changed her dp, sad to say he wasn’t the only one.
      PS: i write these guys to differentiate them from the *ahem* normal indians

  2. Intro & Outro really sucks
    old was good
    update something better! #suggestionThough

    1. I love to watch YouTube Videos i have subbed sinc a few days can u give me a link to the video with the old intro…… thx

  3. Do you have any plans on checking out the Huawei Honor 8 Pro and the new Huawei Honor 9 which was just announced a few days ago!

  4. My phone saw the thumbnail and now can’t get any sleep! He is so scared that I have to sleep next to him to make him calm down!
    *Thanks a lot Mrwhosetheboss!*


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