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Hem Tabletter Apollo sjön TDP/Power gränser. Låser upp Full Potential upp till 80% Mer FPS!

Apollo sjön TDP/Power gränser. Låser upp Full Potential upp till 80% Mer FPS!

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This tweak will properly overwrite the stock N3450 & N4200 6W TDP (Thermal Layout Aim) to 10W or even more allowing the Apollo Lake SoC to eat additional energy, utilizing the maximum CPU & GPU time clocks instead of energy restriction choking. Runt 80% FPS remodeling relying on the game.And around 10% Central Processing Unit functionality.

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  1. This tweak will safely overwrite the stock N3450 &N4200 6W TDP (Thermal Design Point) to 10W or more allowing the Apollo Lake SoC to consume more power, using the maximum CPU & GPU clocks rather than power limit throttling. Upp till 80% FPS improvement depending on the game.And up to 10% CPU performance.

    Mer information & download: https://techtablets.com/2017/08/increase-apollo-lake-tdp-boost-intel-hd-graphics-performance-80/

    Rekommenderade bärbara datorer:

    1. So what’s the gaming experience, Mate? I mean, I can see the logic of tweaking doing better gaming experience, but how is it actually? The heat, the CPU and the overall laptop condition? Did you play on it after tweaking the power limits?

    2. Yes it’s much better, till exempel, CSGO has around double the FPS and after 20 minutes of gaming on the Tbook4 thermals still under 80 degrees. But it is quite warm to the touch. I might show some gaming before and after, but wanted to keep this video short.

  2. So if you watched till the end, what do you think of the results? The two laptop featured in this video the Tbook4 and Onda Xiaomi 31 (N4200 EZbook 3 Pro) will be reviewed soon. Finally, other N3450’s can perform like the Civiltop Air I reviewed: https://techtablets.com/civiltop-air/review/ So no need to buy that or the Xiaomi 21 for the best Apollo Lake performance.

    1. TechTablets.com that looks amazing!!
      Can’t wait for my chuwi surbook to arrive and test it!.
      From your experience how is the surbook copper heat sink looks compared to the devices you tested in this video?
      Länk: http://imgur.com/a/PeIhe

    1. Yes but I’ve been pushing a few laptops hard since doing this and no issues. Nothing happened to the Civiltop Air either that could draw up to 14W according to HWinfo.

    1. Use Intel XTU for that and then tweak the power limits. Works on Core M, Core I5/i7 etc. Just not on the Atom and Apollo Lakes.

    1. Maybe the thing is the battery life is only less really when gaming or pushing the GPU. Annars, it will use just as much power as before. Just because it’s set to 10W does not mean it’s using 10W all the time.

  3. So in theory it would work with the upcoming Chuwi SurBook tablet? It has a heatsink. That would make it a great value tablet.

    1. Om 5% Mer, no real difference as the CPU wasn’t limited it’s only really when power GPU and CPU are at top clocks it hits the TDP. Now with the increased TDP, both can hit and keep max speeds if thermals permit.

  4. Seems from some messages there is a bit of confusion. This tweak doesn’t mean you can now play GTA V & Battlefield 1. The increase will depend on the game. The less demanding the game the more benefit you’ll see. And then it all depends on temps & if thermal throttling takes place. So some systems the results might not be good at all if it has a poor heatsink.

  5. I must highly caution you in what you are doing. You are basically over clocking the processor and while this may be acceptable to many and most enthusiasts you must also remember that these chips have a certain safety margin but above that you are definitely shortening the lifespan of the processor . With these increase in power as you said comes an increase in heat which needs to be disapated so any much mod should also recommend an increased cooling mod. Sorry I didn’t listen to your clip till the end as I am time limited here near the end of the week and I appologize if you have mentioned this further on . Great ideas .Thxs

    1. Increase watts is increased volts which is over clocking over voltage ,same same just different method ,still reduce life of processor if not disipate heat but this is easily done with some thermal pads or redoing the thermal paste on the processor ,have done this type of mod many many times ,very easy and extend life of system m

    2. Garry Gershon Schwartz they don’t increase volts. The cpu at 100% will do around 6 watt. The gpu alone at 100% can be around the same tdp. On games, both are utilised hence throttling happens. Its just a way intel prevent overheating

    3. kenny ricardo ,breaking the laws of physics now are we ? Please explain how you increase watts without increase volts ??

    4. Garry Gershon Schwartz It is not an increase in volts, but an increase in current. In fact the voltages will probably sag a little bit under load. Doing this is 100% safe unless you run it at 90 degrees 24/7. And these chips are hard to kill anyway.

  6. When throttle stop finally supports apollo lake we will truly be able to pushed it to the limits.

    Anyway it would be nice to test the temperatures while it is charging as well, i recall this being a noticeable problem with my lapbook 14.1 which when charging will push the temps right up and sometimes just web browsing will push the temp to 90+ and putting the notebook to sleep

  7. This tweak can be used (with other settings of course) with cherry trail or even bay trail (which GPU was the weakest part)?


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