Surface Pro 4 i5 Vs Surface Pro 4 M3 Comparison

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Surface Pro 4 Core i5-6300U Vs Surface Pro 4 M3-6Y30 Comparison. Comparing the Surface Pro 4 i5 Vs the fanless M3 model, is the difference huge? Benchmarks, Battery life, temps, SSD speeds, 1080p video encoding and Stylus speed compared.

Correction: I meant to say the Intel HD 520 GPU in the i5 is 150 Mhz faster (Boost) than the Intel 515 in the M3. 1000Mhz Vs 850Mhz

Surface Pro 4 M3 tests:

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
Fallout 4
Steam games (CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2, Skyrim) Temps and throttling:

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Comment (29)

    1. +mykool2k7 check out the HP Spectre X2, has a completely fanless design with Core M3, M5 or M7 and up to 8gb of ram and 512 SSD. The design on this 2 in one is virtually identical to the SP4 (Theres also the HP Elite X2 which is a “better” version of it)

    2. Eben ismanuel pretty sure they actually manufacture that already… So that’s nice?… OPs whole point was that his/her dream configuration is not made.

  1. You have the perfect videos.  whenever I have a specific question on a tablet, and I dont think anyone would have made a video, yours always pops up and answers my questions.  thanks!

  2. what about for actual daily work and multi tasking like say running Office Outlook, MS Word and a browser with a few tabs open at the same time.. and maybe playing music in the background.. you know a real life test… non of these geek benchmarks which are useless since we all know the i5 is better.

    1. i have the core m3 ux305ca and I find normal tasks to be easily handled by the cpu. i can watch youtube in chrome up to 1440p, at 1440p it is not lag free always though and another weird thing i found out is that you can’t play youtube at 1.25x speed because it lags even in hd for some reason!. But youtube in chrome at 1080p and microsoft programs such as word and powerpoint, simultaniously, run really well. You can also have some browsers running in the background but i have 8gb of ram which affects things like that. If you don’t do video editing and game much. I suggest the core m3 which is perfectly fine for daily tasks.

    2. I’m still on the Surface 3 (Atom processor, 4GB RAM). Using it for Excel and Internet. No problems, even when watching 1080p videos.

  3. Oh, man, thanks for the review ,if you ever would to compare drawing performance in Ps, Mischief and Manga Studio… it would be fantastic! Thank you!


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