SpeedTalkMobile.com for Android Smartwatch SIM Calls/Data: Code “MRTICKS” for Free SIM Shipping

Recommended: SpeedTalkMobile.com for smartwatch cellular calling, texting, 4G LTE Data. Use code: MRTICKS for SIM card free shipping. Plans start at $5. Video

Please paste the above information to your social media sites for your friends who own or are interested in buying a standalone smartwatch like the Android smartwatches we review here.

I'm very impressed with this company. No hidden fees or taxes, just simple service billed at $0.02 per minute for calling, $0.02 for each text message, or $0.02 per megabyte of data used. Auto renewal is available if you need more of any of these during a particular month. You can adjust your monthly subscription amount up or down as needed to meet your use, and remember, you can call forward your phone to your watch any time, leave your phone behind and take calls coming in to either put phone or watch's number right on your watch. Simple and straightforward.

SpeedTalkMobile uses the T-Mobile network, which is a GSM carrier and works with all Android smartwatches.

Today's video goes over all these points and more, including how pricing works to maximize your value. Now we really do have an effective solution for those wanting simple cellular service from a smartwatch.

Direct link to Smartwatch SIM Plan at SpeedTalkMobile:
Remember, free SIM shipping with Code: MRTICKS

Disclaimer: Mr. Ticks receives a small commission when you sign up for SpeedTalkMobile service which helps keep this channel going. The recommendation for this smartwatch SIM plan is based solely on personal experience with this service. Make sure T-Mobile is available in your area!

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Comment (27)

    1. Haha, you just shouted yourself out being the first commenter, Shotz-Man Parris. I saw you have 142 subscribers so far, but honestly, I only subscribe to specific watch related video sites and I like videos that present new technology, like the new Withings arm band that will do blood pressure, ECG (using the same technology we’ve been getting from China for over a year now), and a stethoscope (something totally new). I “liked” that video so folks who check my likes stream can find it and other cool ones like it. Check with folks interested in the stuff you’re posting and I’m sure you’ll get a bunch of likes and subscribers. That’s how blogging works! Thanks again for your comment.

    2. OK, I just broke my own rule and subscribed to a channel called SPARK. Nothin’ to do with smartwatches, but the content is so rich and mind blowing, I plan to come back to it when I need a break from listening to Mr. Ticks go on and on about yet-another-same-same-looking- watch. It’s full of goodies that put normal measures of reality to shame. Gigabytes or RAM seem so lame a topic after I watch one of these videos.

    1. Got an exclusive on that one coming as soon as it is available. I don’t even know yet what the GTR stands for, but it’s on its way!

    1. Sounds interesting. Don’t know if that works in the USA considering the currency you reference. I know there’s lots of plans with lots of carriers out there, but this one made the most sense to me of all I researched for low price and flexibility to mix calls, text, and data under one, no frills, no added expenses, no commitments program.

  1. When I saw that bodacious faux ivory laden elephant, I calmly took a deep breath and placed a cutthroat razor against my jugular…..good Lord, I can’t go through this again!!!! But this itty-bitty little voice said, wait and watch…..you could’ve saved a few bucks compared to your current plan. I’m glad I checked out the video so I can save some lettuce when my current plan expires. You’re simply too generous, you spared my life and saved me money!!! Whew……you nearly made me dump 10 pints on the floor……you’re such a tease!!!!!

    1. I like trying non-traditional approaches to complex tech issues sometimes. Nothin’ beats a Vegas girl watch face riding a gaudy elephant to set the stage properly. Bollywood all the way! Glad you survived the experience. I think we’re going to need to ban sharp objects around your YouTube viewer for your own safety.

    1. Been actually sitting on this elephant for quite some time now. Glad to finally let it out of the room!

    1. Very good question. We’ll see if the company can help us out on this one. I know these SIMs are capable of roaming, but I don’t know about them working in the UK as the primary location. It may need agreements with different GSM carriers unless you have T-Mobile in the UK.

    1. I thought eSim had to be installed in the watch in advance like at the factory the way Samsung does with their Galaxy line of watches. That would bean a remanufacturing of the watch hardware. I guess it’s possible, but it would need to happen way before a customer received a watch. Once the watch has been shipped with a SIM compartment, I think it’s pretty much locked into using a traditional nanoSIM.

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