Sony Xperia 5 – Compact REVIVAL or FAIL?

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Sony Xperia XZ2 Dual H8296 ROM 64GB 5,7 "19MP Orig... US $281.47
US $453.99

Hands-on review of the new Sony Xperia 5, kinda a Xperia 1 Compact version. But is it really a revival or a big fail ? – *
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Comment (33)

    1. @TechMagnet im mostly interested in Japanese phones like the fujitsu Arrows and Sharps Aquos phones- this Sony does look nice though- the Xperia Ace is quite good too

    2. @jub8891 i dont like the aquos too much. isnt really made for me. but the sony has so nice camera features, for me as creator a good companion. Cool that some guys still love japanese hardware 🙂

  1. A solid phone with not much price difference from Xperia 1. Looks so handy & comfortable to hold. I hope Sony will be able to sell these as most people opt to gravitate towards Apple, Samsung, Pixel & Huawei. As always, great review mate?⭐

    1. Thanks mate 🙂 Yea it feels pretty good. Clean design. Clean Android. Good camera features. But people nowadays especially millenials are so into shiny feature packed phones like the note 10, huawei p30 etc. It will be hard for sony, but maybe they now got a chance as they restructured the whole mobile department and now huawei struggles with trump lol

    2. I agree. There has never been anything wrong with xperias (xz2 premium’s terrible design aside). They are just bad at marketing their devices and sometimes pricing is a bit too high. For example xperia 5 should be something like 150€ cheaper than xperia 1 to make it reasonable. I still do hope that sony’s solid quality will pay off one day.

  2. I think sony’s strategy now is a bit simpler (well, apart from naming though). They are just releasing a slightly bigger premium flagship and slightly smaller flagship, unlike what they used to do (having 1 compact, 1 regular, and 1 bigger premium flagship). Same goes with their mid ranger. Back then they have the regular, the plus and the ultra. Now, they have only the regular and the plus which in size term, sits between the older plus and ultra.

    1. Every smartphone from proper brands are better than iPhone 11 Pro in looks, other than Pixel 4 of course. They two are competing to be the ugliest.

  3. If anyone want to use Sony phone, first he must learn about Sony products. that is what is Sony what is Sony mobile phones then he can buy
    I am using this super, amazing and beautiful mobile brand for 13 years.., so thanks sony
    But only one problem, that’s sony end their smartphone business in India, this is very painful news about us, it must return to India..


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