Sony Xperia 1 vs Huawei P30 Pro vs LG G8s ThinQ Camera Comparison Review

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Full 4K Camera Test comparison between Sony Xperia 1 / Huawei P30 Pro and the LG G8s ThinQ. Full indepth camera review soon. Get your Ticket here:
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The Xperia 1 is a brave flagship that does something different in a world of notches and punch-holes. Its 4K HDR 21:9 screen is a statement piece that draws you in, while its Alpha-inspired triple-camera setup and CineAlta-powered video recording tool checks our ‘imaging enthusiast’ box nicely. Its battery life could be better, and the lack of wireless charging feels like a step back when compared to the XZ3, but everything else about it, from the design to the screen to the camera, leaves us nothing short of smitten.
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Comment (26)

    1. @leonard emraj Okay give the Communists all of your data, when they take over maybe they will not kill you… Carry a real Camera if you want a really good picture/ video.
      Huawei will never support freedoms, and you will learn this eventually.

    2. @antonwearsakilt dude if you think that your phone is more secure and nobody has control over your data you are so wrong my friend the only reason why goverment does not talk about other companies is because the work together and don’t be fooled bro goverment and some agencies have acces in every data in every smartphone whenever they want and need and I can guarantee you if one day they will need those data against you they will be able to tell even how many times have you masturbated in front of your phone! privacy in smartphones it just does not exist just accept it

  1. Sony no es tan bueno en modo automático como los demás pero usando una buena configuración en modo manual sale mejor parado que el resto.

  2. P30 pro is the best overall, better video stabilization in rear and front facing camera, great dynamic range, better lowlight in the main sensor and nightmode in the telephoto and wide angle is a big plus. Sony need to step up their video stabilization but is better than their previous flagships, LG I think is the weakest one.


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