Sony Xperia 1 vs Huawei P30 Pro vs Google Pixel 3a XL vs iPhone XS Max – Wifi 5G Speedtest !

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We tested the Sony Xperia 1 , Huawei P30 Pro , Google Pixel 3A XL and the iphone XS Max on a 5G Network of – Full Speedtest on 5G Wifi and 2.4Ghz Band.
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Yes, sure. There are hardly any smartphones and there is no corresponding network yet. But it is clear that the new mobile standard 5G will come. In Austria, Magenta started this year with the operation of the first 5G stations in 17 municipalities. It is expected that the 5G radio 2020 will be available to other sections of the population.
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Comment (41)

  1. Good video mate. I hope the upload speeds will be in sync with download. 500/100 is good, but imagine 500 / 500 !!!!!

  2. Ich zocke und mache Youtube, aber finde, dass ich nicht mehr als 50 down und 10 up brauche. Ping ist eher mein Problem ?
    Ist zwar schon ganz cool, aber bin kein großer 5G Fan

    1. Geil ! Kommst du aus Österreich ? Ja 10up damit gehts bei mir auch, aber 4k videos uploaden enorm zach. Naja 5G wie es bei uns jetzt ausgebaut wird ist eig nix neues. Wlan arbeitet auch mit 5Ghz und frequenzen hier sind 3.4 bis 3.8ghz. Also die speeds die momentan getestet werden seh ich mal fix als safe. Aber wäre auch dafür dass mal flächendeckend 4G umgesetzt wird.

    2. Aus Deutschland komme ich. Da ist ja der Netzausbau auch nicht so das wahre. Aber bei mir in der Gegend gibt’s zum Glück überall stabiles 4G. Und Wlan geht auch in Ordnung hier

  3. Luckily enough, here in Spain, Vodafone(my carrier) build the 5G net with Huawei equipment as well as Ericsson, which means they will build it faster and with higher speeds than in countries where the US successfully lobbied for a Huawei ban. And my city is on the list of the second batch to get 5G.
    When it comes to this test… You are basically just test how fast WiFi those phones got… Not the actual 5G speed. The Laptop test was about the 5G speeds, though I wasn’t that impressed. Just 500/100? Do they use the updated 4G which is not true 5G in that area? Also the ping in the beginning of over 20ms, isn’t 5G supposed to have low ping like 2ms?

    1. Hey Daniel. Thats nice to hear ! Where in spain do you live ? Im always there for MWC and i love it. so beautiful.

      Yes unfortunately they only have 5G routers available yet… I will go next week for a real test with the Mate 20X 5G !

    2. @TechMagnet I’m in Gran Canaria, so quite far away from Barcelona, though we got better weather 😉 The first batch of cities in Spain will be the bigger ones, like Barcelona, Madrid and a few other ones, but we’re on the second batch here at least. I’ve heard rumors about the end of the year. With some luck you’ll have proper 5G in Barcelona for the next MWC, at least it would make sense for them to prioritize that area before the congress 😉

    3. @Daniél Lecoq oh damn gran canaria is beautiful <3 I hope so, still plenty of time to mwc 🙂 Last year they had so many 5G topics at MWC. But all without being able to show something. I hope next year it gonna be a massive playground.

    4. ​@TechMagnet Hopefully I manage to get over to MWC next time. Been thinking of it for a few years, but it’s usually the budget that stops me. BTW, I’m originally from Sweden.

    1. was a 5G wifi speedtest as mobiles are not ready here yet. but mobile speedtest coming next week with the Huawei Mate 20X 5G !

  4. xperia 1 is so underrated…but incredible… had been making fastest phone since xperia xz premium..but nobody notice it…

    1. @TechMagnet oo i am super excited for your video bro…hope SONY performs well…pls do camera comparison in manual mode..cause xperias do not have autoHDR….

    2. @TechMagnet nice try mate.We ll wait for this comparison and please use HRD ON to see diffrents.Keep the good work!!

  5. Anything 5G is irrelevant at this time, until it is fully implemented where users can actually use it, what’s the point?

  6. I can’t wait for this technology to become a standard. We can download full movies in a matter of seconds.

  7. Mobile internet in chicago: 1 200 000 kbps
    German home internet in high population industrial area: “Best i can do is 2000 kbit/s”

  8. I do stand for expending telecommunications technology but I’m also concerned about growing numbers of mobile towers & radiation will restrain & carnage birds, bees.that can led downfall for your nature mother. Want you to make a video on environment proof telecommunication tower infrastructure

  9. 7:40 I get that download speed with wire at my home with a cheap old pc and old router.
    I don’t see any improvement either on phones, I saw P30 pro getting 500mb/s before with non 5G things
    The real advance would improve once for all the bloody wifi stability and reliability. I get a lot of disconnects playing online due to wifi


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