Sony Xperia 1 – The BEST 21:9 SONY SMARTPHONE Ever Made !

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The Sony Xperia 1 – Sony's best and most exciting Smartphone ever. Xperia 1 Review and Xperia 10 Review soon.
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The Xperia 1 looks wacky at first with its very tall 21:9 aspect ratio but aping the dimensions of a cinema screen and Netflix content could be a canny move by Sony for a niche market.Let’s not pretend this is going to drag Sony’s phones back into the mainstream – but this is a premium device with a slick design and triple cameras. It’s all about the display, the first 4K HDR OLED on a smartphone.. #sonyxperia1 #xperia1 #sony – Techadvisor
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Comment (38)

    1. it feels definitly weird and watching 16:9 not zoomed is weird aswell. But recording in 21:9 and watching native 21:9 is awesome

  1. No headphone jack? Sony is already struggling for market share, this is not a good move. Especially if their phones aren’t market leaders.

    1. seriously i dont miss the jack anymore. Everything has bluetooth nowadays, there are type c headphones and type c adapters. so why the jack ;D

    2. +TechMagnetunderstand where you’re coming from. It seems that wireless is the way of the future but…
      1. To get a decent pair of Bluetooth headphones you’re looking at $300+ AUD. If you don’t already have a pair and you appreciate sound quality, that’s an extra $300+ you need to fork out. Not everyone is in a financial position to do this. And what do you do with your perfectly good pair(s) of existing wired headphones?
      2. Dongles are just another thing you have to carry and can lose – not to mention that they’re awkward, both to look at and to use.
      3. Bluetooth headphones are yet another thing you need to charge. And when your headphones run out of charge, then what?
      FYI – I do own Bluetooth headphones but there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with wired headphones. Everyone just jumped on the bandwagon because Apple wanted to cut costs and sell Beats and airpods. Same as the stupid notch.

  2. Na ja, soviele 21:9 Smartphones gab es ja noch nicht bei Sony… also ist es das Beste von den dreien, ja?!? 😉 Hab nur mal Deinen Titel interpretiert…

  3. Huge screen tiny battery Sony is still stuck in 2015. Battery size has always been one of the biggest issues with Sony phones and tablets.

  4. Did you try some games? How did that look? Were they stretched to 21:9? Cropped image? Or just black bezels to the side? I wouldn’t have anything against the last scenario if f.e. the controls could be placed in the ‘unused’ part…

  5. 21:9 and 4k screen is a No for me sadly
    Also with that size the battery capacity has no sense at all
    PS: do you know if you can change the screen resolution in settings like Huawei? can you set it in 720p? I always use 720p with my mobile

  6. Finally a good review of the x1. Thanks. The phone looks great but it lacks features. The battery size is a big issue for me. I can’t really see this been as good as s10 but I’m definitely intrigued by that screen. Videos and camera is what I want a phone for the most.

  7. Ultrawide 😄… The idea of shooting video in this format is tantalizing…. As long as they have good stabilization…

  8. I’m so glad to see a device which isn’t making an excuse for any notch of any kind, throw in a 4K 21:9 screen aspect ratio with Dolby Atmos and great cameras what do you get? One brilliant device and one where intellectual dishonesty will be rampant with the reviews. Fair review, but this is defi itely my next device, sorry Sammy and Fruit people, you cannot get my clams, this is it.


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