Sony Xperia 1 / Oneplus 7 Pro / Huawei Mate 20x 5G / Pixel 3a XL / P30 Pro Battery Life DRAIN TEST

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Battery life drain test of the 2019 OnePlus 7 Pro vs Sony Xperia 1 vs iPhone XS Max vs Huawei P30 Pro vs Huawei Mate 20X 5G…Which Smartphone has the best battery life?
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The Sony Xperia 1 is dominated by that 21:9 display. It's the most interesting feature of the phone and the most rewarding if you watch a lot of movies and want the utmost detail. It's this feature that's different and stands apart from other handsets, even if the visual experience doesn't really seem to benefit from the 4K resolution and the leaning to a more natural colour balance makes it look a little bland in normal use. But none of that matters when you're engrossed in the latest blockbuster.
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Comment (32)

    1. He is testing the most recent devices , he included p30 pro because it is his daily driver . So yea indeed it is a well made battery comparison video .

  1. Guys there is no samsung as i had to give back the s10plus to samsung and im currently out of budget to buy new devices. In the next comparison there will be a samsung (note 10 ;))

    1. @Renat you probably dont know how Youtube works here. I get Devices on a loan for 4 weeks and then i need to send them back. No money for the Videos either. Go and make a Youtube channel and prove me wrong.

  2. I got about 24h on my Xperia 1 until its battery dies.
    The difference is, that I’m not using it for hours continuously.
    At the moment the screen is working for about an hour, but for me it still lasts a day without charging.
    Yeah, 3300 mAh aren’t much, but it lasts way longer, than people expect.

  3. Thank you for the great video! It would be nice if you include Mi9T or K20pro. I am pretty sure they would be strong competitors 🙂

  4. Amazing how long the Xperia 1 lasts all things considered, 4k screen, much smaller battery than all androids. Sony’s optimized really well!

    1. If they would bring a big battery mid range with good camera, it would be the first sony phone id consider. Plus they are just as ugly as pixel phones

    2. @loktronGaming TV Watch a Xperia 1 disassembly and see, there is absolutely no place for a bigger battery, the phone is very compact the thing people don’t realize.

    3. @Johnson X sorry but i dont get the point… I dont talk about this particular sony, just sony in general

    4. @loktronGaming TV Nah, you’re not talking about Sony in general either.
      You are talking about Sony’s mid-range devices, not about their top- or entry-level devices.
      And a smartphone still won’t replace a real DSLR or DSLM, no matter how good their sensors are.

      I would say that their devices batteries are better optimized then others.
      Even with features like “Stamina-Mode”, “Ultra-Stamina”, “Battery-care” and the “Intelligent Battery” they are better optimized than others, while on most of the devices you can just change the displays resolution and just activate the power saving mode to save power.
      You can’t even decide which apps shall ignore the power saving mode or not…
      So much about bigger and better optimizing batterylife.

  5. My Mate 20 X(non 5G version) has substantially better battery life than my Pixel 3a XL. But they are both battery monsters.
    Ever since upgrading to EMUI 9.1 about a week ago, I have kept performance mode on the entire time and I’m getting an insane 18 hours of screen on time with my Mate 20 X, and close to 11 hours of SOT with the 3a XL(it probably could be more, but I use hotspot and maps quite a bit)
    My old Galaxy S9 Plus barely broke 7 hours, and I thought my Xperia XZ1 Compact was great with about 9 to 10 hours of SOT.

  6. Xperia could have done better ? man it’s keeping up with phones that have 30% more battery juice…. it’s has a much better screen and specs an definitely more elegant design. I’m astonished how good the Xperia scored as I thought it would finish last from the 3300 mAh battery. Well played Sony.

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