Sony Bravia AF8 / A8F Review – The BEST OLED 4K HDR TV 2018 !

Sony's latest A9F / A9F OLED Android 8 4K HDR TV is here ! And it's one of the best OLED TV's in this price range. HDTV AF8 / A8F Test: (video)
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Sony’s new OLED TV – A8F in the US and AF8 in Europe – uses the latest 2018 OLED panel and comes with a refreshed design compared to last year’s A1 that won our Reference Award. A8F features the ’X1 Extreme’ video processor as well as Sony’s Acoustic Surface speaker. It comes pre-installed with Android 7 and will later be updated to Android 8.
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Comment (20)

  1. I’m so thinking about buying this tv. Sure all oled panels are similar so the processor matters the most. X1 xtreme is unbeaten

    1. true image processor matters alot. Also I don’t get the brightness hype… Ok I don’t watch alot HDR and mostly close curtains.. so for me doesnt matter 😀

  2. You said it right my friend, it is indeed the processing chip and that has exactly been the main difference. In fact onboard CPUs are one of the core strengths of Sony along with the huge texture database from Sony pictures. I have tried upscaling function for example on LG, Samsung and Sony and I upscaled a 480p clip via screen mirroring over wi-fi on a 4k screen and Sony did it the best without a doubt.


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