Snov™ (Review) Smart Surveillance Moving Robot with Camera // by s7yler

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Hi guys, in this video I show you Snov, a funny small surveillance robot that you can remote control from distance or locally. It works like a surveillance camera, but with this one you can also drive around your home and for example check different rooms and places while you are away, for example on holiday – and just want to check that everything is ok at home. You can make pictures and record videos and even talk through the robot. And a nice thing is that it can also drive into a charging station by itself as long it can see the sensor eye in the station.

– Name: Snov (also known as Escam Robot QN02)
– Connectivity: Smartphone, Wi-Fi/3G
– Noise Decibel: below 40db
– Package content: Robot, Instructions, Charging Bracket
– Self-recharging
– Connects with app
– HD built-in camera for pictures & video
– Microphone & speaker
– Body sensors that react to touches
– Send expressions
– Modified voices/tones
– Remote control with smartphone
– Two-way voice interaction
– Motion/rotation system

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Comment (29)

  1. +S7yler just wanted to let you know you have the best reviews on YouTube. definitely deserve more subscribers. Always excited when you upload a video to see what’s new.

    1. +s7yler Your phone reviews are my favorite. You have way more detail and info in you reviews and always do non main stream phones. Hate the usual big name phones cause you pretty much always know what to expect

  2. thanks for the review +S7yler
    you mentioned it is able to drive over doorsteps and similar obstacles but did not include in the video 🙁 would you be able to add it or create a short video on that topic?

    1. Yeah normal doorsteps is no problem, also it can drive over bigger wires, like the wire on our vacuum cleaner. Sorry but I do not plan to do any more videos on this.

    1. Cannot see in the dark coz no IR, unable to remote control using 4G, battery is always low after getting 1x2min recording, manual charging via apps which the sensor is very lousy trying to find the charging station, too expensive for $100+, don’t buy got mine for free.

  3. The volume of the speaker of my robot is very low. When I try to speak with people in the remote location where the robot is they can’t hear the robot voice. it is very low. did you notice that in yours.

    1. ocult3000 no my speaker is very loud, maybe a defective speaker, or try also with another phone.

  4. Love the design of the Robot, but the HD camera really sucks,…if the Robot is moving and someone is running by the window or running away and it’s recording, the video is going to look like crap. Should maybe offer a camera upgrade, or for that matter camera, and speaker upgrades.

    Very cool.

  5. С китая не заказывайте, пришел не рабочий доказать не смог и спор проиграл!!!

    1. Theoretical yes, but someone could steal it then. Also it needs to charge sometimes and have WiFi all the time. Better buy a monitoring camera then.


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