Snaptain SP500 Foldable GPS Drone w/1080p Camera Review

Now we take a look at a pretty cool little new GPS drone of snapped hey. Let me show you the box here. This is the SP 500. As far as I know, this is a very first GPS drone. The snap teen has ever released. He does have a 1080p camera that films at 24 frames per second, which is a decent framerate I'd like to see 30 but 24s, do a blinding slow than 24 will get very shuddery. Gps return to home waypoints, but really doesn't work to greatest, because, at least for me, I couldn't get the maps to load that's common on these toys, though point of interest, which is circling mode, follow me mode, it has hand gestures which it's a little spotty on This, when I hate didn't, have any luck in the flight review with it, but I did get it to work in my test flight. Oh before this one key takeoff and landing returned to home, you could also fly in Adi mode, which is no GPS, does have headless mode, which is kind of pointless on a GPS drum, and you got that it's foldable, of course, so that's pretty much all it's On the box, but you know it's, it does come packaged nicely. Another I'm not going to show it to you with just foam inside there. What everything fits into it more like a professional drone, would be packaged so it's well protected upon shipment. So here is the drone I already have it unfolded as you can see the arms fold in here.

So you could fold this drone in and out, and it does snap out and hold into its position on the arms, so they won't they don't get knocked loose as easily as some of the full volt runs. This is just brushed motors, so it's not gon na, be you know the power of a brushless, but it does a pretty good job for a brushed drone here's a 1080p camera. You can swivel it how you want to point it, but that's all manual doesn't it's not done through the remote. Unfortunately, you do have two white LEDs here in the front and that will help a little bit with orientation. There'S LEDs under the bottom of each of these motor pods. I need to pop a battery in here too, remember what those colors are here's the power button on top and there it looks like they're red in the front and they are green in the back. So red in the front green in the back, as you probably notice there you do, it does come with to a lipo batteries. So let's take a quick look at those. I don't go back to the drone since we're all moved on to that these are they're fit. I think they're fifteen hundred and one thousand one thousand milliamp lipo batteries. These are 2's, so 7 point 4 volts. So it gives a little extra power for a brushed draw. A lot of these drones at this size.

Just use 1s lifeless that's, really nice. It has 7 point 4 volts. It charges off of a microUSB port here and they do give you two Chargers here: that's really nice. I like that they have a green flashing, light and a red light, and I think it goes solid, green and the ready goes out when I was fully charged. I think that's rated like two and a half hours it charged up my first charge wasn't that long, I think they probably came a little more fully charged. If you completely discharged a battery it's gon na take two to two and a half hours. At least you got to charger, so you can charge both of them up. The runtime is rated at 15 minutes, I've not calculated the runtime to when I decided to laying it on. It was almost a return, a little too low battery and I think you know it's, probably at least 12 minutes we'll see in the flight video. I will put the total time at the end to see how close it came to 15 minutes. So back to the drum it has a micro SD card slot here in the bottom right. Next, to my thumb, that's nice – I don't – have a card in it right now, though, and I think it works up to 32 gigabytes, so you can initiate that according to the app or the controller – and it will record it locally here on the card, so you Don'T have to worry about recording that cruddy Wi Fi fpv fee, which is gon na drop frames, even though this is 5g as it says here so make sure you have a 5g, our 802 11 AC compatible phone in most any phone.

The last two years. I have no problem with that. That gives you a little bit better there's, no there's, no interference when you're flying so well. This shouldn't say: there's there's, no interference, there's much less interference in your flying; there's, no cross interference with your controller, which is also two point for your interference. Here'S, mostly gon na be 5g Wi, Fi routers in your neighborhood or wherever you're flying it. You just don't get it there's, not just so much more 2.4 gigahertz stuff out there, so that 5g is nice, because you don't get all the interference it won't limit your range of the Wi Fi or the controller having that cross interference that you see whenever you Use 2.4 gigahertz, so that's, really nice I got in a flight review, is around two hundred meters and the Wi Fi was chopping froze. I actually lost the Wi Fi and I had to reconnect it when it came back. Thankfully, my sd card kept recording, so I didn't lose the footage, but I did have to reconnect the Wi Fi didn't actually would do it on its own, but that's not me at 200 meters for this toy drone. Like that and my test, I was out 118. It seemed good, so it you know that another 20 meters or so is when it started to become. You know too far for the Wi Fi. You get prop guards. If you want to use those I'm, not a big fan.

You know they're good tree hangers, but if you choose to use them, you know I wouldn't mess with these. Unless you're gon na fly it into a large indoor, open space like it's, gymnasium or something to protect. Those props here is the controller. This is actually a rechargeable controller. Here is the port for the micro USB. They give you a micro, USB cable. Here I can grab it, and this is for charging. It actually has a light in it that will go green when it's fully charged mine came fully charged. So I plugged it in the light. Just stayed green, so you do want to make sure you use this, because I think you use just a regular US micro. Usb cable, it's gon na overcharge your battery in here this is made to shut it off. So be sure you use this one lots of times. These were tragic. Intruders will turn themselves off but I'm, not certain that that's the case, because this actually tells you on the charger sure you use that cable just to be safe. It has these little handles flip out. That makes it really nice and comfortable it's a very lightweight, but it is a three point: seven volt lithium ion battery inside of here. So you know tell it's like I said it came fully charged, but it seems to hold a good charge. You can see it here when you slip up the phone holder, you just press on an off button here and it looks like I still have full battery on it.

Hold it down to turn it back off. You don't blink when it lets you know it's dealing like a return to home or camera video. I didn't pay too much close attention to the blue lights. So close your on and off here's your turn to home. You press that it will continually be panting. It beeves the whole time once it executes to return to home and lands. You still have to press that this to turn off or turn the home, while the beeping will just continue. This is your headless mode right here. If you choose to use that which I think it's pointless on a GPS drum, because your orientation is a big deal on GPS drones, if you get mixed up, you just press return home and your fpv feet as long as it's working and you have a phone Connected you'll be able to tell your orientation with the phone this lets, you turn GPS on and off. It has two rates up here: high and low there's, more pitch and high, but the yaw is fixed. The if you turn, if you switching the highest rate in the pitch, increases some. You know in GPS, it's not a whole lot of change, but if you turn it off and go into a demo which is just altitude hold only you're gon na get more pitch in the first rate and even more pitch in the highest rate. So your pitch increases in the course your speed does.

It does dive bomb a little bit, which is to be expected when you don't have GPS on, because it has so much pitch. You just can't quite hold its altitude and here's. Your photo video, quick press for photo photo and a long press for video to take off you do down and out. I don't like to stick so I have some promises like I: won't have to go in and out it's weird unlock it and then it defrost once they start spinning you press this, that it will take off. Also trust it. If you want to come on down and land before you fly, you should calibrate the compass and the gyros in my test flight. I just filmed, it did not make me, do the compass calibration, but the first time I did it. It did. If you change locations, you should, but you don't have to do it every time, but it may you know it depends on whether the app wants you to do it, but I would recommend it doesn't hurt to do it every time on a toy drum because you Don'T know how good it's gon na break him here. Do professional GPS drone, so you just do all along press and it will beef and then once it beeps you just pick up the drone and the lights will be flashing. It lets. You know I think, it's being front in the back when you've completed each step, you just spin horizontal three times, then go vertol vertical or spin.

It three times set it down, make sure you're all connected, of course, and the apps connected the app will go away from you'll, see kompis calibration when it's done it'll disappear and it lets. You know that you've completed the conference calibration gyro calibration is long press, the lights off flash and stop and, of course, that's setting the level so make sure on a level surface. When you do that and then you're good to go just wait in the app for a number to make sure you have sufficient GPS satellite, so let's go over the app or like quickly here I'm, not connected to the Toronto course. So it's not going to be that big and not need that much information. But once you've connected to the Y Phi of the drone, you're gon na go and you're gon na find the snap tain nova app and you want to make sure that sp500 is selected. It usually already has that you know once you've connected to the Wi Fi and it sees it. Then you just go down here and you press on the start and of course we have no feed right now, but you've got your options here and you'll see this. In the flight review, so it's gon na be very quick when I go over, this you've got your return to home. If you want to use it from the app you got, your point of interest or circle me mode. Follow Me mode, which I also that works really well both of these circling mode return and follow me both work really well for a brush drum and up here you got some VR and is it controls? If you want to use the app to fly, it make sure I don't get this I'll Center, guys.

I'M. Sorry that's your waypoints, and you got your photo video over here. If you want to use the app to start it, this is something where you can use music on your phone to actually have it put music into your save videos on your phone and then you can like send it to people through social media whatever and it'll Have music set it's kind of a cool feature but it's a novelty, and this is your gestures mode? If you want to do the two fingers for pictures and a hand straight up for video, I did work through my testing, but it did not work in my flight review, but I didn't try it very long because you know are limited on the battery time. I don't have one battery charged, so I wanted to get it up an air and do the range test and that's. I didn't have a whole lot of time to do that. Here is your GPS signal strength over here and in here in the settings you can set these. I have this already different once you're connected. This will change to how you have it saved to the flight controller, but make sure you turn beginner mode off, set your distance and fly out to the maternal home outside how you want it. I have them all set up the first two hi. I have returned to home height, set to 30 meters, but make sure you do set those I did now.

I mentioned it in a flight review, but I didn't actually show that screen and here is your controller battery, and here is your drone battery when it gets low. Of course, it will fly back and land when it gets down to the critical battery level with one bar like it shows. Now it will cap your distance of 30 meters and if you do return to home, it just flies back out whatever out to your hat and flying lands there, if you're within that cap 30. So keep that in mind when you're beyond that it'll fly back ever turn the home height, but if you're really close within 30 meters it's, a very you know: that's a very low critical battery it's not going to go to eternal home height, so make sure you Don'T have a tree or something in between you when you do that, it'll fly right into it. Another thing it does strange, though you do return the homes like you'll, see in the flight review. Is it does this weird bobbing action as it flies back, and I don't know why that is you'll see it hopefully in my head cam, but it's gon na be difficult as smalls is on the sky, but you'll see it in the recorded video. I don't know if it's trying to gauge its its GPS coordinate, I don't know what's going on that's. Probably the only gripe I have. This drone is when you return to home it's gon na really butcher your video as it's bobbing as it comes back.

It looks like a dolphin jumping through though I mean I don't, know it's, just really weird, so you'll see that guys in the flight review. So I use a screen recorder too, in the fight review on the half, so you'll get to see all of the different commands and features as I press them in the snap team, Nova app, so let's go about and we'll go out to a flight review and We'Ll see what kind of flight time I got at the end, I'll put that up in text. So we see the total flight time that we got on this drone. How well the features work in the camera, which again is pretty good that's, not a lot of jello, so there's a teeny, tiny minut amount of jello, but he does have a bit of extra smoothie and I would say the camera tends to there's, not the best Detail and because it's trying to smooth that out. Also, if you fly this thing when it's really cloudy out or there's low light, you get a lot of noise speckles, which you know that's not uncommon, on these on any camera. But I was surprised yesterday I had a decent amount of. That was just because it was cloudy out at this time of the day, but I flew it today and bright full sunshine. I don't think that's gon na be any issue all right, guys, let's move along outside now for that flight review, so I'll be right back alright, guys so let's take the snap pain, SP 500 load rush, GPS drone out for its test flight.

Now so I'll go ahead and power it up and we'll get it bound with the application and the controller and we'll go ahead and we'll. Take it out now and fly it around and see how it performs so I'm gon na go ahead, and I set it down on the ground here and I'll go ahead and turn it on on top of my launch pad here it should be turned on. Go ahead and turn on the controller. Alright. I'D, like this, even what's lightweight, just recharge, no controller it's, quite nice, and it would just beep to let you know that it binds you don't have to do the up and down binding sequence, and then what I want to do now is. I want to go ahead and I'm going to connect it to the 5g Wi Fi, so be sure that your phone does support 5g Wi Fi, which is also known as 802 11 AC Wi Fi, and here is a snap teen I'm gon na press connect. I also like to turn on airplane mode, just because sometimes it seems like I have trouble getting Wi Fi to show up in some of these apps if it's looking at the mobile data is well it's. Let me know, of course, there's no internet let's go ahead and let's go into the snap. Teen snapped a nova, app, alright, so it's seeing ready to fly, but you need you should do accomplished calibration in other day.

I think it wanted me to do it, but you don't always have to do a compass calibration if it doesn't insist that you do it if you're, not if you're flying from the same location, then there's no reason to do it every time it wants all these Toys make you do it every time, but I'll just show you guys how to do it anyway, hold down that you know the north south that's your compass and cut it beeps, and that says compass calibration on the screen set down the controller and we've got these Lights are very hard to see, but just go ahead and just rotate it here horizontally, like three times or so and then go you can go it doesn't say it doesn't matter. You can do it face up or face down and do it three times it doesn't. Be for any, the lights will go solid in here and I think that way it's not got to Oliver flashing. I think that means it's now it's looking to GPS, but look at the app and the app is all green. So that means the compass calibration was successful, and now you can do a gyro calibration that's. Just me holding down this button here and the lights. I could see them flashing now, that's just calibrating the level so make sure you have it on level surface. If I did it up here in my driveway, then we've tell the gyros that level is tilted by like 20 degrees and that would not be good.

It'D be leaning on you, so he should be good to go here. It says ready to fly. I'Ve got two bars that's why? I think it's yellow, not green, it doesn't have full GPS locks let's just wait a moment and see if we get more satellites because it's going to mark that location for its GPS accuracy. So if I take off with not a full set of satellites that could affect us return to home accuracy cos, I took off yesterday with green and it landed over here in the yard. It was not particularly great a nice return to hona, sometimes I've seen these drones, you get them up in the air and then the GPS. It may pick up better satellites a little bit off the ground, so it's just ready to fly but I'm, not getting any more satellites, so we'll go ahead and take off and see what we get once we get going. We'Ll probably pick up some more satellites, so we'll try to test the features, and this thing has advertised 15 minutes. I know I had it up in the air for at least 10 yesterday and I still had two bars of battery so let's. Take it up and try the hand, gestures and take a couple photos then we'll take it out and do it a range test, so it's good unlock the props, sometimes as I've had a little trouble, its unlocking the props there we go I'm, not sure why it's Slow to get going when I do the hour of the sticks, didn't, you need your auto take off, you do have to unlock and what sticks let's make sure it doesn't toilet bowl or anything to pick it up a little higher.

That looks good there's a little bit of a breeze today from right to left so that's gon na affect it a little bit. Let'S turn it around. We even that has GPS lock, should be pretty easy to do. This I'll lower it down a little to do the pictures, so you press the hand, gestures and say yes and then you can do it here. Let'S just do the two finger. Peace sign and stiva. Take a photo well see you doing anything there. I tried it yesterday and I got to work well. I'M, not sure that's, gon na work or now let's go ahead and we'll just do it with the yeah there. No yeah it's not doing it with the hand, gestures, it's, kind of bobbing up and down on me a little bit I didn't have it do that yesterday, huh let's go ahead, take another photo pick it up and take a little bit of the trees hand. Gestures. Would be a sort of a gimmick, that's, a pretty darn good, breeze right now and that's. Certainly gon na affect a little brush. Drone like this let's take another photo there, we go I'm gon na, go to bring it down and what take back off again. This will let me sync up the video better I'm gon na try to manually land it there let's think up the video so that I can get it synched up here with the 24 frames. A second I'm filming at 60 is a good chance.

It is gon na get out of sync, especially the MOBAs in recording, where you know I may be dropping frames over the Wi Fi, though I had a good Wi Fi feed yesterday at a 180 meters, and I was still going when I decided to go ahead And do return home we've got three bars in the GPS. Now let's go ahead, and now it and we'll do a long press and now recording video let's unlock the props hello. Why this is finicky? Ah, yet yeah getting those props started and go ahead and get all the takeoff let's take it out. Now we are in the lowest rate, there's a y'all there's, a highest rate y'all's fixed, as you see here, there's the pitch on the lowest rate and there's a pitch on the highest rate lowest high. So I don't know you can see that but there's a slight increase in pitch now, if we go to, if we turn the GPS off, this is GPS off and look at that that's this altitude hold or Adi mode and I'll turn the I'll bring it back Around here, those trees are gon na make it kind of hard when it blends in with them, go ahead and turn the rates down and it kind of levels out now it goes more see that's hard to see. I know guys if I turn on GPS, though I'll try to do that, while I'm flying you'll see the pitch level out, see that whoa now it's leveling out because it's trying to hold position.

So it gives you less pitch. Alright let's go ahead and fly it out now and see what kind of range we get, because we got about 15 minutes of flight time and most on this bird, so don't want to do too much flying here and not be able to do it now. I didn't look to show you guys now, but in the app yesterday I already did turn off beginners mode and set the distances to max. That glare is probably really gon na make it difficult right now, because I'm gon na go up here a lot higher. Hitler return to home, set to 30 let's, get up we're out 130 meters, now just doing this here at my house, because this is not too bad for it. Let'S look like our Wi Fi feed is frozen let's, so I'm out. Oh there, it came back out. 191 looks like it's frozen again so I'm thinking around 200 meters head 180 yesterday, and it was good now I've got it back again, so it is getting really choppy. 200 meters is probably you're gon na be get range on this guy for your Wi Fi, so let's go ahead and press the return to home and your controller is going to beep at you non stop, which is a bit annoying now I'm gon na walk back Here when it comes back, I can see it here. It does this weird Bob Bob Bob I'll know if you guys can see that cuz the Sun is gon na, make it difficult it's midday right around noon, whether it does it it's Bob Bob Bob Bob.

Not so bad today, well yeah, it keeps its kind of bobbles if you're, recording video it's, probably gon na, make that video a little more difficult to use, because it's gon na be bobbling you'll see that in the recorded video here it does this weird wobble. If it comes back and honestly that was not my only complaint with this patron with a little bit of a bobble, it does I'm return to home Music. It also um yeah and it's. The FPV feed is frozen up. So hopefully we still got a video recording to that d card. In fact, I just got a notification. My phone makes me think that we lost the Wi Fi though so I may have to reconnect us see here. That'S gon na be that's much better than yesterday, and you want to go ahead with canceled or turn to home and get rid of that beeping. And let me see what's going on here, because I've got it completely frozen up all right, so let's go ahead and start recording video again long press and it is flashing. This recording let's go ahead and see if we can get to prop stunlock. I don't know when I go in and then back out, then it unlocks and I don't know what's up with that. Let'S go ahead and take off. So what I want to do now is, I want to show you guys follow me. We'Ve got half a battery, so I don't want to run down too much weight points.

I didn't the mat didn't want to load for me, which is common for these toys. They almost all do that so it's hard to even do weight points. Let'S just go ahead and press. The follow me button here. Follow me. Yes, start walking, it's gon na turn. Thank you. I don't think it has to it's just gon na follow me down the street here walk backwards, so you guys can see the drone. I was working yesterday, what's kind of bobbling, but there it goes let's go this way. So, as I was mentioning while ago, when you're doing that work, if you're going to do any kind of distance test, you know make sure that you've got the beginners mode off and your distance altitude. All that set to max. I had to return to home, set the 30 meter, so let's walk back this way now and see what it does and that's moving with me now, yeah sure yeah follow me work just fine! Yes, this little Bobby there's, just that Bobby and I'm, not sure what's up with that is it just like I'm return to home, seems to be a little bit of a bother when it's doing automated stuff the boys working really good. There let's come over this way and see if it follows me, yeah let's go ahead and stop the follow me let's. Try taking up a little higher and let's set let's do it's called point of interest mode, which is actually just circle me mode.

I can get it to click I like to sit likeness. I like a radius of like 10 meters, oops done click; okay, it's gon na fly out and it's just gon na start circling. So if you're standing next to something that you want to, have it circle, you know and you're right there with it. You just set that radius up and let it go. I got it up higher, so it doesn't fly into my house and there it goes it's flying at in meteor radius. It goes around there. It is a nice it's, a nice circle back up for the mail carrier coming not bad that make it a night. A nice circle there so basically it's like a 20 meter. Diameter 10 meter radius. Alright let's go ahead and cancel that and then it stops I'll fly it over. We'Ve still got a half a battery on there. Now I do think when it gets kind of low it does start to limits how far you can go. I think it will put like a geofence. I don't remember what that is offhand 30 meter. I forget what it is if you're really close the course is just going to if you're really close to the home point it's just gon na land it's, not gon na try to execute a return to home, make sure you get that to return to home distance. Excuse me uh, but turn to home height, set good and high.

I think it stepped to 20 or 25 meters see it's hitting a geofence earlier this it's flying back. I am out 30, like I said you know if he's look it's at critic guard, so you're getting close to critical battery and now it's geo fenced me to 30 meters. I cannot go beyond 32, it may temporarily as it and then it correct itself see that's a safety feature, so you don't fly it out too far and then it can't make it home. So we'll fly it here until it. I think I believe it will try to fly back if I'm out a little ways if I'm really close it may not again. I know I'm not 30. This geofencing me so just want to see what kind of flight time we get on this this guy. This close it may not, it may not even return home just gon na land itself, nice fire, though overall this is a good one. Snap tain lately it's had some issues with some drones. They do resetting. You know this. Sp 600 was a great flyer long flight time, but it had some sort of SD card issue just had some hits and misses, and this is definitely it looks like a hit. It'S, not perfect the boys for a brush GPS. It does just about everything you want. I'D, like to see it fly back to home owner in the home, without bobbing like that, because it's really going to butcher your video because it's already bad enough because it's not stabilized, you know all these toys and then you have to be flying back to the Home it's gon na it's gon na keep bobbing on you and making the video even more unusable but flies nice though we're gon na take it out about 30 meter, so I don't it says drone low voltage.

So, of course, just let me know it's about ready to land. This is about as long as you're gon na want to fly this thing anyway, especially that you're geo fenced in at 30 meters. Let'S see. If I press return to home, will it fly back at that altitude? It looks like it's going to so it's just low voltage. You didn't even raise up to its return to home height. It figures within 30 meters of the home. So I believe that you're going to not have any obstructions that close, keep it in mind if you've got something like a huge tree right next to your takeoff spot, and you are capped at 30 meters. It'S not gon na raise up, because it thinks that you should have a clear area within your home spot location. It would fly itself right into a tree because there's no obstacle avoidance so keep that in mind, but if you're out, but the normal full amount of battery at your normal long distances, it will rise up to whatever preset distant a high altitude. You have for return to home, just not when you get the critical battery in your your capped at that 30 meter distance, all right, guys, let's go ahead and stop recording in the video, so they that gets saved and that stopped alright, guys well that's wraps up The review of the snap tain sp500 gps drone overall. This is not a bad little drone.

You know just make sure that you check snap pains are always good about cleaning coupons, so this does interests you make sure if there's a coupon, you clip it and if you can get this drone for around 100 bucks or so it's, probably worth it. But above that, it's gon na become a bit of a risk because you can start to get brushless stuff and things with gimbals for not much more that's going to get you a far superior video. The 5g did pretty good at 200 meters. The video will keep very choppy and, of course, I lost the Wi Fi. So hopefully we got some usable video there. Alright, guys that wraps up the review. The sp500 gps drone be sure to subscribe to the channel and click the bell.

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