Smartwatch Giveaway Contest! Free ZEBLAZE THOR 4 DUAL 4G Android 7.1.1 Smartwatch plus Some Q&A

Thor 4 Dual Buying link (Banggood): ( $114.99 Coupon: 4thor20 valid through Feb 2019 )

The THOR 4 DUAL Production review watch shown here and Contest giveaway watch are being provided by Banggood. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to Zeblaze and Banggood for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this THOR 4 Dual smartwatch, please use the link listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

Many thanks also to Pablo11 for screening the contest submissions for compliance and to Tim and Pierce Collins for judging this contest. This is the first time we’ve tried something like this on such a large scale, so thank YOU for participating! Remember, your submitted designs will be made available to the public at the end of the contest as a part of a large ZIP file which can be downloaded and installed on any Android smartwatch anywhere in the world.

Tethering app:
WiiWatch2 –
Special WiiWatch 2 tutorial Video:
Initial Android Smartwatch Setup Guide:

This is a special competition for awarding a Banggood supplied ZEBLAZE Thor 4 Dual smartwatch to the best watchface design as determined by Tim & Pierce Collins (the winners of the recent RASC sponsored Kospet Hope watch competition). This video discusses the guidelines for the contest, including links to resources to help get you started with your watch designs. Remember, the contest, open NOW, ends on February 10, 2019. The winner will be announced in a video on or around February 14, 2019.

*The G+ Community Contest Announcement with all the rules and guidelines can be found here:

*The email address for submitting the LINK to your Downloadable watch face contest submission is: [email protected] The Subject of the email MUST include (typed exactly like this): THOR4DUAL COMPETITION

*Featured analog watch with ticking second hand by Andrew Somers:

*Remember, all these wonderful G+ Community resources for Android smartwatch faces are going away April2, 2019! Don’t wait! Have a look and download the faces you want to keep NOW:

Check out these GROUP resources for custom watch faces:
Round Android Smartwatches G+:
Square Android Smartwatches G+:
Round and Square Android Smartwatches G+:
WatchAwear G+:
Original XDA Watch Face Forum:

Have a look at these INDIVIDUAL resources for custom watch faces (please let me know if I’ve missed anybody):
Al Rod Home:
Al Rod G+:
Andrew Davis:
Andrew Somers:
Blood Report:
Dave Stout G+:
Garry Beaumont G+:
Jurgen Oberst:
Kenneth Tan:

*The Floating Toucher app can be found in the DTNO.1 Sponsored “Smartwatch Resource Center” here: tinyurl.com/AndroidWatches

See the full review of the Thor 4 Dual here:

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Comment (20)

    1. This contest is great for the talented watch face creators and they all deserve to win a watch. I have been enjoying many of their (free) watch faces on my Thor Pro. Each watch face represents hours and hours of work and effort. What great bunch of people! As a side note, my Thor 4 Dual is on it’s way to me and I’m really excited to be getting the watch.

  1. Hello smartwatch ticks you were the person who told me to get the zgpax s99a and I haven’t had a problem with it. Your advice is so useful and I have never doubted your advice. I love this channel and I love the unbixings and reviews you do on tech that really matters. Stay strong my man and much love from the UK.

  2. Very good, very good friend … my biggest doubt was this, to know how the video connections work on the clock … now that I took the doubt I was relieved. I made the purchase of my watch this afternoon and used the coupon you provided for a discount. Get with the discount, the freight value for Brazil … thank you very much for this video and other things that showed in it. Surely the best youtube channel on smartwatchs.

  3. Ur the only reviewer I go to when looking for a watch and I trust u the most cuz u make good videos and reply to my questions so thank you very much 🙏 😊

  4. @Smartwatch ticks… I must say i still haven’t gotten my kospet hope watch from banggood which I bought on december 23, 2018 after watching your review of the watch. It’s now February 1, 2019. I don’t know how you keep getting stuff from them but on my first attempt with them and I got a raw deal and they are not willing to give me my refund. They keep telling me to wait out the full 60 days… like wth???

    1. I ordered from them and it took 34 days to get to me. China shipping I imagine via sea and not air shipping. Loving the watch.

  5. Got my new watch from bang good it’s really bulky but I still love it. Thanks. But I was wondering what charging stand will work with it. For the kospet hope.


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