Smartphone Radiation is Increasing…

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Smartphone Radiation is increasing, but how dangerous is it? We check the Radiation SAR values of OnePlus to Xiaomi to Samsung.
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    1. Skylancer727 lets also ignore constant bombardment of ionizing radiation from space that we absorb each day…

      People are so stupid it makes me cry… They whine about everything they dont understand, yet kill themselves with overeating, drinking sodas, not working out, drinking alcohol and smoking.

      And after all that there are idiots who dont believe in bell curve distribution of IQ which is the evidence in and of itself LOL.

  1. This guy is the best, not only is he caught in these Tech things, but also he gave us advices on these tech, Good Job bro, hope you got more Subscribers

    1. +Crimson Its not easy to get into and to cover all aspects of engineering technology…. Nice try… For you your info its what you do when you get out… Leave the what school or graduation rate in the corner …. You make it what it is…. Nice language tard….

    2. +Crimson I’m definitely an engineering graduate and that Ching chong statement was a joke…. I’m no drop out…. Funny how you say language and tone… Just look to your previous comments…. I’m enjoying this for real and the butthurt comments from me saying, ” I’ll keep my Samsung “,….. 😎😎

  2. Intensity is secondary, but frequency of the radiation is primary when it comes to being able to deliver that energy

  3. “The average user spends 24 hours on their smartphone”
    You got to pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers

    1. If you are concerned about radiation, don’t fly in an airplane.
      People who fly for a living get huge radiation doses with no health effects.

    1. Vlad Tudor Miron but your router is closer to you than the cell tower so the strength does not need to be that high.

    1. It was mean to send important messages this deviece was not meant to send messages and watch youtube all day on it and you should of read the instructions in the phone case but yoy toss it out…


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