Samsung Tab S5e Review & Unboxing – Best Android Tablet Of 2019

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e unboxing & review. A real full review of the best Android tablet of 2019 (so far). In-depth including Samsung DeX, cameras, Antutu, benchmarks eBooks, speakers, and gaming performance. $289 alternative tablet with the same screen: Where to buy: Release date 26th in the US. Now out in the EU.

01:38 – Design & build
05:49 – Finger/face unlock
07:38 – Screen & outdoors
09:14 – UI, Benchmarks & ROM
12:36 – eBooks & audio
13:57 – Games (PUBG, SGL, Blades)
15:43 – Cameras
16:22 – DeX desktop mode
16:43 – Battery life
17:09 – Kids safe mode
17:22 – Recap Pros & Cons

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Tech Tablets reviews the latest in Chinese tablets, mobile phones, and other related gadgets. We aim to deliver honest reviews, from a user perspective to help you choose the best tech for your needs. Covering points that matter to you as a user with comparisons, benchmarks, thermals and testing popular games.

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Comment (35)

    1. I think they could do if it has the SD855, it’s out now in Europe at least here in Spain. Launches on the 26th in the US.

    1. Who cares and complains about resolution?
      I’m on the road and watch modt videos on a 7 inch Mi Max 3, a Note 9 or 8 inch tablet -.. nearly never watched a video on a 4k TV.

      So I’m happy with what I’ll get cause that is limited by lte bandwith …

    2. +typxxilps what resolution do you even watch then? 144p on a 6.5′ 360p blurry and you get. Thicc staircase or jaggered edges

    1. +TechTablets.com even the quad speakers! Too bad android apps suck otherwise I would have regretted buying a 2017 iPad pro (not an apple fanboy btw)

    1. I hope they give it an SD855 and not last years (SD845) like they did with the tab S4 it got the SD835! But still the SD845 will be quick and S-pen support.

    2. Agreed. We love our cheap tech, but I’m happy to pay a bit extra for the right innards and build. Samsung still manages to get the edge,but their prices… Hmm, you know! Roll on 2019, it’s already a good year for us tech lovers.

  1. Most surprising review for quite a long time.
    Let me think about getting one cause I prefer built quality like that of ifive Mini and good battery life, but I don’t need gaming performance and pen cause I use the pen on my samsung note handset – a backup phone just for business tasks.
    I will wait for good prices or just a sale offer

  2. I’d buy this, i don’t play games on tablets but for streaming and web browsing this be the best. I also don’t use a stylus or headphone jack.

    1. I could bend it in two in a second, so easy. But if you’re careful with it and use a good case to store it when traveling I think it should be fine.

  3. Hey Chris if you didn’t know
    Ultra framerate means only 40fps
    U need to set it to HDR “EXTREME” to unlock 60fps! Hope u notice this😊

  4. 16:27 Lmao my girlfriend started giggling when u said that, she was sitting right besides me😂😂😂😅

    Edit i replayed that part & u clearly pronounced it wrong. Its Decks like deck of cards

  5. Great review, you give much more information than most of YouTubers.
    Thank you for everything.
    Very awesome Tablet, lightweight, thin and small bezels too.
    Wished they would have kept the headphone jack 😟


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