Samsung Note 9 – I’m switching phones.

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Full Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 / Note9. We test the Samsung Note 9 Camera, Battery, Display and Performance to bring you the final verdict on this 2018 Flagship Smartphone.

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Comment (94)

    1. You a Turd You do realize that advertising your channel in a large YouTuber’s videos is a solid way to gain traction, right?

    1. OnePlus 6 enough for me. Very good 1080p large ( flat screen), quality panel. 6 or 8gb ram and very good light software with no bloatware. I love the phone.

    1. I swapped my p20 pro for an s9+ simply because I look like a plastic mannequin drenched in pink powder on p20 pro. ?

    1. Thats the same thing i heard!? i rushed to the comments section to see if i was the only one with a dirty mind

    2. Taking a leaf out of Mr Innuendo Zak from JerryRigEverything?! Might have been unintentional or Arun is good at keeping a straight face?

  1. I’m genuinely surprised, he seemed hell bent on suggesting that we skip it, now he uses it as his main phone, Quite a revelation

    1. Note 9 is a phone for power users, bruh. 4kmah battery with fast charge and an amazing cooling system means a chill day at the sofa.

    2. Quite a hypocritical reversal in my opinion. He listed all the reasons why you shouldn’t buy A Note 9, mostly because it wasn’t that big of an upgrade. Now suddenly it’s great and going to be his daily phone? What? He still says there’s no innovation… Dex? Bluetooth S Pen? Oh and please will one of these know it all reviewers mention that you can change your s pens if you want?

    1. Jack McSomeone i will take oneplus 10 because i don’t have the money to take oneplus 6 i am pretty much DONE } man

    2. Akhil S not to criticize or anything but you should not use one plus. I own a iPhone X and I’m pretty happy. Right off the bat one plus is made in China, which is a disappointment. Not to mention but what’s inside the phone is more important than what’s on the outside. If you see how they make the phone you’ll be disappointed. The hardware is great but what they use to cover the parts is bad. That’s why I don’t like one plus.

    3. ProfoGamer I’m not a OnePlus used but I just wanted to chime in and out you know that the iPhone X and every other iPhone is made in China, they have lesser quality control than OnePlus

    1. Why?
      Christian Dave Flores, tell us something (or anything) that the S9 does better than the Note 9 and justify your claim.

    1. Jack McSomeone 8 its way better at games than the s9, battery is lasting longer and it’s almost half the price

    2. Superuser TechMods lier..you are the one that was defending china in one of china related vids. Don’t lie commie friend.

  2. I’ve watched a lot of your videos. To be honest, now a days it seems that you have a problem with Samsung. Just what I saw.

    1. +Harsha Vardhana google pixels are way too expensive for what they have to offer and the new one will probably be at the same price point as note 9. Plus notch. I dont mind bezzels but I do mind notch

    2. I agree… Then he comes out and says he’s switching to this phone after telling everyone else to not buy it in a previous video. I think his subscriber count has gone to his head!

    3. Lon Denard No, bashing on someone’s ads for putting down other companies does not mean that they make bad phones, and Arun knows this.

    1. Lon Denard What and how? His previous few videos are high-quality and insightful. If being a great, unbiased reviewer is being a pastor, I would gladly become one.

    2. Atelic he makes good videos but he’s always like “the verdict” or “the truth” . What’s wrong with “the review” ?? It irks me sometimes.


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