Samsung Galaxy S11 – BOOSTED BATTERY

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As we know, there will be three phones in the Galaxy S 11 line. Now there is also a soon to be coming Galaxy. S 10. Light but that's got nothing much to do with the new S 11 lineup coming next year. The S 10 light will be a bigger phone all round with a bigger screen and a bigger battery. But from what we know of the S 11 series, the S 11 II will continue with the smaller form factor information from Galaxy club that they gleamed from a South Korean Safety registration website. We got a possible first look of the actual battery pack that is going inside the galaxy s. Xi e. The battery code, which you can just make out reads: G 980. This should be the code for the upcoming Galaxy S: 11 II. The code for the S 10 battery packs started with G 970. It changed depending on the model, but a G 980 is an obvious step up from the S 10 range batteries. This battery will have a capacity of 3800 milliamp hours, which doesn't sound huge, but that is in fact bigger than the Galaxy S tens battery size at 3400 milliamp hours, that's the S 10, not the smaller s. 10 II, the smallest NT, had a battery capacity of 3100 million powers, so this means that the battery capacity in the upcoming Galaxy S 11 II is about 25 bigger than the same battery. In the S 10, a we can also assume that the batteries in the s 11 and SL mm will also get this boost, taking them up by about 25.

So what does this actually tell us? Well, this picture shows the s11 s. Battery is square which is different from the rectangular shape we saw on the s10 II. This means that the internal components of the phone have changed considerably, possibly because of the motherboard, the camera system, or possibly both. Can we also assume that the phones will be bigger, not necessarily, but they could indeed be a little bit thicker universe. Ice on Twitter actually tweeted a comparison of the s11, a battery versus there's, 10 e battery and some other existing phone internals, and, as you can see, they will need to redesign the internal components completely. We know that every phone in the s11 series will carry 5g as standard no matter if it's, the Exynos, 990 chipset or the snapdragon 865, all phones will have 5 g and 5g is more power hungry. It looks like Samsung needs to increase battery capacity to cope with the extra power requirements of 5g. Moreover, there have been increasing rumors about high refresh rate screens on the S 11 series as yet not confirmed whether that will be 90 Hertz or possibly even 120 Hertz. Although 120 Hertz has been tipped, it is more likely for Samsung to settle on something like 90 Hertz, but let's just wait and see on that one. In any case, 90 or 120 Hertz high refresh rate screens do require more power and so would require a bigger battery. If you want to keep the same battery life, we now know that the internal codename for the S 11 series that Samsung is Hubble.

Talking about bigger camera units having the nickname for the S 11 series as Hubble does point towards the fact that they will definitely be using a telescope type zoom camera in the S 11 phones, the technology isn't new we've, seen it in phones for almost a year. Now it does work and it produces great images, so there's, no reason why Samsung shouldn't put it in their flagship phones, so great news all round that Samsung are giving us bigger batteries that will power more functions within the Galaxy S.

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