Samsung 840 EVO – How to Install a mSATA SSD in your Notebook – Full Tutorial [HD]

250/512/1TB – Sale :

Hey guys, i just needed a new SSD for my notebook, so i thought, why not do an installation tutorial. And here it is !

Enjoy a performance boost for your ultra-thin laptop or desktop PC with the Samsung 840 EVO mSATA SSD. With features like TurboWrite for increased write speeds and RAPID mode, which eliminates performance bottlenecks, the Samsung 840 EVO mSATA allows for exceptionally fast, efficient computing. Improve your PC's startup time, launch applications faster, and transfer files without the wait. This version of the 840 EVO mSATA offers 250 GB of space and is designed for ultra-thin laptops and desktop PCs that have an mSATA slo

Main Specs:
Highest-quality components and engineering from the #1 memory manufacturer
No moving parts means no hard drive spin ups, no noise and superior data protection
Worry-free data security with AES 256-bit full-disk encryption, Class 0 SED, Microsoft eDrive Support (Windows 8 only), and TCG Opal
Sequential Read Speed 540 MB / Sequential Write Speed 520 MB
Random Read Speed 97K / Random Write Speed 66K
Available in capacities up to 1TB
Three-year limited warranty

Thanks for watching !

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Comment (24)

  1. My new HP envy 17T-J100 boots in around 4-5 secs from power off to desktop. USing 840 Evo 2.5 SSD 250GB. They are the best drives. Great bang for buck. I would never go back to a traditional drive ever. THey take around 45 secs to boot, wasted time and they are slow to load things, SSD’s will change your life forever. Its like going from a B&W old mobile phone to a Color screen mobile. Huge difference.

  2. just a tip: Never clean u fan that way again, static energy can damage something, unplug cooler first !
    sry my english, nice ssd!

  3. What sort of screw do I need for th ssd
    (You said it doesn’t come with one and I’ve just ordered the same ssd)
    Also would it work with an Alienware 14?

  4. it is so great that im using the same laptop as you and trying to upgrade the mSATA. This video is absolutely useful. Brilliant!

  5. Hey!
    Did you migrate your OS with a Software like EaseUS Partition Manager, Paragon Drive Copy or Samsung Data Migration?
    If yes, i have a question:

    I still have a slow HDD with two partitions1 One for Windows, about 200GB and 760gb for movies, documents, photos, and so on! Can I only migrate the OS from the small windows partition or do i have to backup my second partition with the files on an external drive, then delete the second partition and add the unused space to the windows partition? Because that would be quite time consuming.

    1. monsters032 yeah. I really need that step too. Let me know if you get that information. I’m also struggling to find how to migrate that

  6. hey dude, nice review!
    just some questions.
    -did you use a usb-cable to clone your hdd to your msata?
    -did you use samsung data migration software?


    1. Victor0326 SO TRUE!!! In some videos i found that they’re replacing the hdd with the 2.5″ ssd by cloning from outside. I don’t need that. But what i need is like this video. But in this video, there’s no migrating process from hdd to ssd. So frustrating. After watching somevideos and not finding what you want it’s stressing.

    2. Im in same boat I want to ADD an additional ssd to compliment my 1tb hdd and theres barely any info . im aslo adding the m.2 to my hp envy so ill put them up when complete


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