S906 GPS Tracking IP68 Waterproof Sports Smart Bracelet Smartwatch for $30: Unboxing and 1st Look

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TKYUAN S906 color screen intelligent sports smart ... US $33.38
US $47.68

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Hplus –

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HPlus: S908S/G03 Plus –
HPlus: F7 –

If there is one area where prices have been plummeting for smartwatches and fitness, it’s those with GPS modules in them for accurate distance, altitude, and speed computations. Today’s smart band breaks a new price threshold by coming in at under $30. For that price, we shouldn’t expect much in the way of accuracy, but this device delivers! It actually provides fast signal acquisition (even in a single story building – a feat many expensive Android smartwatches can’t achieve), solid, stable connections, and accurate positioning data. Perhaps it’s because the module is in the lower band, making it more easily accessible to the sky without the obstruction of a watch case. Perhaps it’s the newest technology in this one that allows switching between GPS, GPS + GLONASS, and GPS + BEIDOU. Whatever it is, they’ve managed to do it, plus supporting a color screen, fitness tracking, continuous heart rate monitoring (with a 16 hour HR chart on the screen) and more at a price anyone can afford.

As I mention in the review, you can simply spend $30 and use this thing as a sophisticated GPS tracker. You can place in your car, carry in your purse, or otherwise use it to accumulate an extended positional track, updated every few seconds, and viewable on a zoomable Google map within the tethering phone app. I ran a test on a full charge and left the band in hiking mode, then wore it around the house. The device battery quit after 4 hours, 38 minutes and saved the entire track for phone transfer later after recharging. Another overnight test with the band in biking mode ran 5 hours, 54 minutes before stopping. This time it was sitting on a nightstand and not being worn, so no heart rate measurement or screen lighting from turning my wrist. I also drove around with the band in the solid steel trunk of my car and it never dropped GPS signal. All in all, this is an amazing fitness band that can easily go up against the likes of Fitbit or Garmin for a fraction of the cost.

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  1. Wow, really nice! Excuse me Do you know if I can link the H app calendar with Google calendar? It would make.this band solid gold!!😍, Even more than it is already.


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