XIAOMI AMAZFIT гтп 5ATM водонепроницаемый активных видов спорта Фитнес Smartwatch: Одна минута Обзор

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Global version xiaomi huami amazfit gtr 47mm smart... НАС $149.99
НАС $230.75
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Global version Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 47mm GPS Smart W... НАС $149.99
НАС $230.75
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Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 47mm Smart Watch GPS 5ATM Water... НАС $149.99 ALIEXPRESS Купить сейчас
Global Version New Amazfit GTR 47mm Smart Watch 5A... НАС $152.30
НАС $230.75
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2019 Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT GTR Smart Watch Global V... НАС $187.48 ALIEXPRESS Купить сейчас

Xiaomi Huami 46mm Amazfit GTR [Глобальная версия] Покупка ссылок (Gearbest): ( Купон: AMAZGTR39 Price:$139.99 )
Xiaomi Huami 42mm Amazfit GTR [Глобальная версия] Покупка ссылок (Gearbest):
Accessorize your GTR!
Stainless Steel Band:
More Straps & Screen Protectors:
Xiaomi Huami Amazfit VERGE [Глобальная версия] Покупка ссылок (Gearbest):

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This Amazfit GTR smartwatch has been provided by Gearbest for review. Большое спасибо нашим зрителям для популяризации этого сайта YouTube и Gearbest за их поддержку. If you are interested in purchasing this Amazfit GTR smartwatch, Пожалуйста, используйте ссылку, перечисленных выше. Это поможет нам получить больше часов, чтобы рассмотреть для вас в будущем. Спасибо!

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This is currently the hottest wearable in China, and now it is available Globally. The Amazfit GTR smart watch features the classic look of a traditional watch, and is perfect for sports and business use. Its most prominent feature is ultra-long battery life, который, with up to 12 days for normal use, you could say goodbye to frequent charging. It includes 12 sports modes to keep track of your health in different status.

Inside the GTR is almost identical to the Amazfit Verge Lite in operation, except that it has a compass and an altimeter for tracking altitude gained and lost during workouts. Outside it is a much dressier watch than the Verge line with a specially fabricated case and removable TPU backed leather bands. This review covers the basic operation and specific differences with the Verge and Verge Lite.

The Band width is 22mm.

ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: This watch, like all other Amazift and Mi Band products, will not work standalone out of the box. You must tether it to the associated phone app (Amazfit or Mi Fit depending on device) in order to activate it. To gain access to and be able to use the phone app, you need to crate an account (there is no “Guest” option), and acknowledge extensive terms of use and privacy statements. Then you need to grant access all kinds of permissions on your phone and be connected to the Internet so your phone’s ID (the IMEI), your location, and all kinds of other information you place in the app can be uploaded to servers in China. Помните, China is not a part of or bound by either the USA or EU rules regarding privacy, which must be followed by companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook who are established companies outside of China. Once you have acknowledged, agreed to, and entered the app, only then can you pair with your Amazfit or Mi Band device and use it away from your phone, but you can’t even see the time of day on the screen until you are an internal part of the “Xiaomi Ecosystem”.

Here is the full review of the GTR Smartwatch:
Вот полный обзор Smartwatch грани:
Here is the full review of the Verge Lite Smartwatch:

Увидеть все наши видео на вашей подписки на этот канал ценится, как «Лайки» на отдельные видео. Ваши клики помогает популяризировать эти видео с помощью поисковых систем, и это помогает нам расти! Спасибо за вашу поддержку. — Господин. Клещи

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    1. LEM10 is coming direct from LEMFO from their initial prototype batch, so I should have it about the time the major outlets start taking ‘realpreorders for it. I thought it would be here by now, but we are all waiting.

  1. У меня есть вопрос, or rather a favor to ask:

    Can you please check if you can control (пропустить, Пауза, объем) music that’s being played by your phone while its paired with the watch?
    Знаешь, so you don’t have to get the phone out of your pocket while listening to music while riding a bus for example.

    1. So far I have refused to review the L7 because of the totally fake ECG measurement, both by the watch and the Fundo Pro tethering app. If you tell me you don’t care about the ECG and will never use it and wouldn’t buy the watch for that feature, I may consider running a review for you. But if you want ECG, don’t consider this watch! Don’t consider the DTNO1 DT28 either. It’s also totally fake ECG. There are two others out there also faking ECG with Fundo Pro, so beware. But if you don’t need ECG, this L7 has other nice features.

    2. @SmartWatch Ticks thanks for the fast answer. In fact I already buyed the L7, just by the looks and price, It looks like a amazfit GTR but a faction of the price. I think that is important you Review nas smartwatch too for people know about this kind thing, I dont knew any of this at that time. The heart rate for the whatch and other fuctions are ok? Can I install custon whatch faces in this whatch? Great work man 👏


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