URUAV UR85HD 1080p 60 FPS Cinewhoop беспилотный полет тест обзор

URUAV UR85HD 1080p 60 FPS Cinewhoop беспилотный полет тест обзор
This version of the UR85 includes a CADDX Turtle V2 camera and a 60fps DVR for high quality video in a very small drone. Найти его здесь

– CADDX черепаха V2 Камера и DVR с возможностью записи видео 1080p 60 fps, 1080p 30 кадров в секунду, or 720p 30fps. Camera parameters can be fine tuned for optimal performance. Instructions for the camera may be found here
Crazybee F4 flight control board. Board has integrated 5A ESCs and integrated receiver for Frsky, Flysky, or DSM2/X. PNP version is also available if desired.
– 40 канал, 25-200mW switchable FPV transmitter with OSD and Smartaudio capability.
– 1102 KV9000 motors with double ball bearings.
Can be flown with 2S or 3S batteries. Comes with 3S 300mah 40C/80C battery.

Out of the box I noticed some lines along with slight blurring near the outer edges of the recorded video.
Turtle flip righting feature didn't seem to work properly for me.

Партнерские ссылки: Бесплатно для вас, Я получаю небольшую комиссию для продажи в результате этих ссылок.

Это видео вместе с каждого видео горючего 101 канал был подготовлен и отредактирован с VSDC Бесплатный видео редактор. Вы можете скачать эту прекрасную, and no kidding "free" редактор видео здесь

"Awel" по stefsax

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  1. The only thing wrong with such a wide field of view is that it’s actually not conducive to racing, as it makes it to hard to get that line right as there’s too much distraction from such a wide field of view. But for cinematography it’s probably going to look fairly good.

  2. Хороший обзор!
    You should be able to calibrate the gyros in the field using the transmitter. Unarmed, push throttle stick to top, then full left, then push the pitch stick straight down until you hear (buzzer) or see (board leds) for conformation. Then take both sticks down then full outward for each to save.


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