Я построил PC с частями из желания и получили SCAMMED !

Сравните цены и резервирование

Arx-482r New Built-in Antenna 4-channel Fhss Stand... НАС $24.60
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[RU/US/FR/ES] Original Eleaf iJust 3 with ELLO Dur... НАС $37.44
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10.1 Inch Tablet Computer Notebook Laptop Computer... НАС $41.92
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I promised you this video for some time and finally I built a pc using pc parts from wish. The whole WISH PC does work, but I'm just disappointed.
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07.08.2019 – Never Forgotten

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Комментарий (38)

  1. Долгое время, no see Steven. Presumably because of family tragedy, condolences! Glad, that your vendetta against Wish is in full swing.👍

    1. Danke Dir! ja hat spaß gemacht und mich bisschen abgelenkt. War aber leider doch genau wie ich es erwartet habe.. mal sehen was der WISH support sagt.

  2. My condolences. Your content has been very helpful to the tech community and I hope you will continue doing what you do. I’m pretty sure your grandfather is very proud of you.

    1. @TechMagnet As long as you’re contributing something meaningful, it’s always worth doing. Stay strong and remember that there are many people who admire your dedication to high-quality content.

    2. @Paul Hernandez Yea its better to stay quiet if you don’t have something meaningful to say. I learned it again and I think it was a good learning out of this situation. Thanks for going on this journey with me and the community 🙂

  3. I lost my grandpa over a half of my lifetime ago now, and still miss him. I still carry and use a lot of the life lessons as well as skills he taught me. Probably one of the best people I’ve known thus far. He was the father figure in my life since my mum was a single mum. So it’s with deepest sincerity that I extend my condolences to you, and your family. Remember to share the good times, and express your feelings (in healthy ways).

    1. thanks ali ! Well yes there are good and bad resellers on wish. But these cheap products really hurt our planet and also our wallet. I hope this changes.

  4. Dude you grandpa left in peace knowing he helped raise a fine man in you. He’s proud of what you have become. My condolences to you brother. 🙏


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