Редактирование 4k видео быстрее, чем iPad Pro на мой мобильный!

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This is an experiment. With the idea of keeping things light for travel what about shooting, editing and encoding video on just your mobile? Колодец, it turns out it's even fast than my iPad Pro 2018 at video encoding. To test this I shot this entire clip on a Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S7 with external mics and edited it on my Galaxy S10+. Even a quick iPad Pro (2018) Vs Galaxy S10+ video encoding test.

Tech showed in this video (No affiliate links)
Samsung S10+ (SD855 model)
Rode VideoMic Me (External directional mic)
Rode Lav+ (lav mic for mobiles with 3.5mm jack)
Rode Wireless Go wireless mic system (Used in front of the camera)
IPad Pro 2018 (12.9" модель)

Video editing apps for Android: PowerDirector & Adobe Rush
Best iPad/iPhone video editing app: LumiaFusion

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    1. Одобрительное восклицание мат! Just a test of mine I thought others may like and it really surprised me how well the SD855+ can handle video editing and encoding faster than my iPad Pro.

  1. It was clear the difference between this video and the standard ones you have created in the past. A couple of items are clearly different, the first one is the background is more grayish and the second one is the distance from the phone. I do have a Galaxy S10+ and the Rode VideoMic ME and I have used it to create a video with the kids on holiday. I used the iPad Air 2019 with LumaFusion and my main gripe is that it took ages to move the files onto the app (iOS 12) but after that creating the video itself was relatively easy for a newbie.

    1. Yes some big differences in color, it’s straight drag and drop I could have tweaked the white balance and tint. And yes moving the files to my iPad is a hassle (До сих пор) even with the beta which has helped.

  2. If your hotel room has a TV, you only need a chromecast device,a portable keyboard/mouse and ualá. For color grading just switch to your phone in order to not depend on the crappy TV panel.

  3. I always plug my phone directly into the tv on my hotelroom with a cheap usb-c dongle with hdmi and usb3 ports, boot up into dex and your good to go…Коди, netflix, powerdirector and moreno more carry bags of tech around.

    1. Да, it’s just so handy and with a portable monitor like a laptop. Netflix, Amazon prime, PSP emulation, Эмуляторы, 3.5mm jack. It’s got it all. 8GB of RAM and SD855 really helps.

    2. @TechTablets.com
      Do you also bring an external battery power bank?
      Например, I bought the Suoaki U10 because it’s just under the limit to bring in planes, and it can also kickstart/charge up a car or truck.

    1. I use the V20 (great audio features and a decent camera with wide-angle easily found around $100) and a good app called CINEMA FV-5 the full version they have a decent still app too, CAMERA FV-5. I wish I had the V40!

    2. @Ettianne Anshin with Note 10, u can use dex with any monitor or plug into any computer through the usb cable. Надеюсь, Samsung will also update the S10 with this Mac/Windows Dex feature.

  4. Interesting setup, I’m going for ultra simple as well this time. My first good check will be tomorrow on gamescon. I use the rode wireless go as well, as a camera I’m gonna take my old 4k camcorder which I think should actually work out very well since it also offers great stabilization which I want for vlogging. For editing I’ll take the iPad which is a good one device solution with my keyboard case, don’t wanna carry an external display and keyboard, especially since my portable display isn’t as fancy as yours and needs external power. My biggest limitation will be my 64gb storage on the iPad pro
    How long are you gonna attend IFA again? I extended my trip to 6-9th.

    1. Hi Damir. Nice to hear from you. Yes I just want to keep it super simple after MWC19 with my main camera. I was going to get the V40 for manual video but no desktop mode which I like. Or the ASUS Zenfone 6 for video quality as it’s very good, but the sound is bad with an external mic. So settled on the S10+ for the solid DP PDAF, большой звук, Dex and mic in support without adapters. I’m not sure now I’ll take the iPad Pro with me now. I first had a 64GB ipad Pro 11like you but did some testing and ran into issues with space and workflow due to the limited space. Plus importing files is still a bit funny even on the latest ipados beta.

      I used to film on a Sony AX33 and before had another camcorder with that BOSS OIS which was amazing. I’m taking a Manfrotto Compact Action to keep my hands free when shooting. It’s all a test and my edits are basic anyway. But I was shocked to see so many at MWC just using iPhones and Galaxy mobiles with gimbals and travel tripods.

      I’m at IFA from the 4th till 6th, maybe 7th. But I will be in Berlin till the 8th we fly out. I want to see some of Berlin as I have never been before.

    1. Спасибо. Yes had a few of them having a go already at me. Thing is I love my iPad Pro and Lumiafusion and said it in the video but it falls on deaf ears nowI’m not trying to stir up the iOS Vs Android fanboy battle. Both have their qualities so I use whatever that suits my needs.

    1. Thank you it was really actually just for myself when I tested it all but thought why not make a video out of it for others. Something different. I think other don’t do this as they think recording like this is super amateur for a 250k+ channel but I don’t care, I’m not lugging around huge amounts of tech all over Berlin for a few hands on videos.

  5. Been a long time PowerDirector fan and this reinforces my own thoughts. So quick and easy! The new transition packs are great as well.

    Hope this video gets the recognition it deserves Chris, great job 👍

    1. Thanks Dave, when you can test out Adobe Rush. It’s not bad for what it is an if it’s a quick edit you want with a faster upload and processing time at the cost of a tiny bit of quality it’s a good second choice.

  6. You could have got your S10 in the shot using the reflection off the Mac. It’s amazing how far phones have come in the last 5-7 лет. I saw a kid doing Youtube videos with a Galaxy S3 years ago and was amazed he did so well.


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