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Главная Официальные видео Divoom временных смарт Bluetooth портативный светодиодный спикер – Gearbest.com

Divoom временных смарт Bluetooth портативный светодиодный спикер – Gearbest.com

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The sound speaker transcends to LED radiating and also alarm feature. Delight in resonant noise with this brilliant mobile Bluetooth LED audio speaker. The stereo dual sound speaker supplies plentiful sound. Straightforward and transportable layout, you could have that with you to enjoy popular music anytime as well as anywhere. Superb overview style creates that a good companion during your free time and also the being compatible is actually far better and the power usage is reduced. As well as Bluetooth connectivity indicates that this can be compatible along with many of Bluetooth devices. Аналогичным образом, this is a great present to offer your buddies. Take that with you, let the songs around your world.

● The LED shining is actually really cool, and you can easily create the shining pattern you like.
● Integrated 2500mAh chargeable lithium-ion electric battery: this may work with around 4 hours after completely fee for about 3.5 Часы (the quantity will certainly influence the time ).
● Classy and also transportable concept, which is actually perfect for property, party, picnic or any other tasks, have it along with you to hear popular music anytime as well as anywhere.

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