Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 Обзор – First Laptop With Surface Pro Screen

Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 Оценка, the 1st laptop pc to use the Microsoft Area Pro (2017)/ Area Pro 4 монитор. Electrical power through an Intel Celeron N3450, 6GB из памяти, M. 2 SSD port. Стоимость: $299 listed below along with coupon Gearbest02

Временные коды:

01:17 – Дизайн
03:52 – Монитор
05:46 – Ориентиры
07:54 – Термик
08:29 – Электрическая батарея жизнь
08:51 – Cost Times
09:19 – SSD Install
09:48 – Звук
10:46 – BIOS & Linux
11:16 – Игры
13:18 – Surface area Temps
14:00 – Образец веб-камера
14:32 – Вердикт

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    1. В описании. They don’t show? Временные коды:

      01:17 – Дизайн
      03:52 – Экран
      05:46 – Ориентиры
      07:54 – Термик
      08:29 – Батарея жизнь
      08:51 – Charge Times
      09:19 – SSD Install
      09:48 – Звук
      10:46 – BIOS & Linux
      11:16 – Игры
      13:18 – Surface Temps
      14:00 – Образец веб-камера
      14:32 – Заключение

  1. Love your style of reviewing, especially time codes in the notes section. Лично, I like to see the conclusions before deciding to view the details. There are just too many overly verbose reviews on YouTube, much like this comment.

  2. Привет, Крис, I really like your channel and just subscribed. I am anxiuosly waiting on Complete Review of Onda Obook 11 Pro from you. Please upload it soon, and also recommend a good value £300 Tablet PC or 2 в 1 PC with 12-14 дюймовый экран, i want to buy one quick, Спасибо

    1. I’ll try my best but these reviews take a lot of time, Установка, testing I like to use them for a good week at least. Now the Lapbook 12.3 is done I can now start on it. But got a lot of work on this week. So it’s looking more like next week.

      Good tablet PC for 300 Хм. I would go Core M3, но 12-14 дюймов. Then that only leaves the Cube i9. If you don’t mind a slower Apollo Lake the Chuwi Hi13 with its Surface Book screen isn’t bad

    2. Thanks for the recommendation and quick reply, cube i9 is definitely worth considering

      Man you are working hard and committed to your channelat this rate I see you get your 1 Million Subscribers soon… Хорошая работа

    1. Колодец, I try to put them in the same playlist so people can find them. Normally it’s the unboxing video first, then some extras (If any) and finally the final review.

  3. It seems that they are improving a little bit in each new product.
    I hope they make the new Lapbook 14.1 with all this things that they are learning, like better thermals, space for SSD and etc

  4. Привет , news jumper ezbook 3 pro with dual band wifi or this chuwi lapbook 12.3 ? thanks for your review 😉 i like ?

  5. Спасибо за обзор, I’ll probably go for an Asus chromebook at a similar price point.

    With Chuwi, how easy is it to get replacement parts in U.K. If things break down?

  6. any bottlenech on the m.2 socket, as in regards to the supprinsingly low speed from the EMMC and also USB2 SDsocket there look slower then standard USB2 SDsocket (ewen thow no spec on the SDcard you tested, but useally fast SDcard on USB2 internal SDsocket are higher and closer to the read then this) so would be nice to see if there was any bootlenech on the M.2 socket from the system itself, certainly seem to be the case on the other drive sockets.

  7. I’ve been going through your reviews, but I’m basically looking for something like the soon to be released (надеюсь) miix 320, is there anything out there with decent build quality, 8+ hours battery life and a decent screen for around the same price point that you would recommend? Or should I just wait on the miix 320? It would pretty much need a valid windows version on it otherwise the miix 320 definitly has it beat. Storage isn’t much of a concern, if I needed to store anything it would either go on an SD card or usb HD. thanks for all the work on your reviews, let me get back to plugging through them =)


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