Round Android 5.1 I2/KW88/Z9 Watches Compared: 1-Appearance

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In response to many many requests for comparison videos of the most popular watches, we begin this short series on the new Round Android 5.1 Smartwatches. Part 1 will examine the look and feel of each watch. What's it like on. How thick is it. How does it feel. What the bands are like. If you are to the point of thinking how you will use your watch, and which one will look best in that setting, then this video is for you.

A BIG ThankYou for providing these watches goes to the companies listed below. The links will take you directly to the item pages recommend for buying. Your support of these vendors by buying through these links helps support SmartWatchTicks in getting more new watches to review! As long as these reviews generate sales, then the newest watches will be shipped here first! Thanks for your support.

This is the original and still wonderful X5 from FINOW who has supplied all the X series of watches you have see here:
Available from Aliexpress (FINOW direct)

Supplied direct from manufacturer. Thank you IQI! You can buy this watch from vendors who have provided support to this channel here:
Available from Chinavasion

KingWear KW88:
Supplied direct from manufacturer. Thank you KingWear!
If you are interested in purchasing five or more of these KW88 (or any other KingWear watches), contact Kingwear directly:
Shenzhen Kingwear Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
Website: en.king-world.cn
Contact:Zoe Chan
Skype: lovezoe0502
WhatsApp:+86-159 1949 0502
Email:[email protected]
You can buy individual units from any of these vendors who have provided support to this YouTube channel at discount pricing:
Available from EverBuying
EverBuying KW88 coupon code: EBKW88 Price : $97.99 Use this link:

Also available from GearBest
GearBest KW88 coupon code: tickskk Price : $95.99 Use these links:
Rose Gold


Offered from ChinaVasion who supplied the featured review watch
Direct link:

Also received but not shown in this video (they will appear in Part 2) are the Zeblaze Blitz and ZGPAX S99, both provided by EverBuying.

Also shown here, and offered from EverBuying who supplied the featured review watch
Direct link:
EverBuying Blitz coupon code:EBZBLITZ Price: $89.89

Offered from EverBuying who supplied the featured review watch
Direct link:
EverBuying S99 coupon code: EBS99 Price: $99.99

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Comment (35)

    1. Thank you! This one was really fun because I’ve wanted to really compare them as well. This is just the first, as well.

  1. I really like the KingWear K88 the best. It reminds me of the Tag connected and has very good specs. I would love to tinker with it. Beautiful smartwatch

  2. Thanks for your review I have a few, the big problem is the leak of service, It will be nice to add the ability of service and have the option to get spare parts it will be nice to get some information regarding this issue.

    1. Not yet anyway. The tech folks at XDA are working overtime to get the round Android 5.1 software to be able to support them. It would be a shame to see them all fizzle out as a 2015-2016 flash in the pan.

  3. Hi! would you be able to do a review on will.i.ams smartwatch? it’s called Dial and I’m 50/50 about getting one

    1. If somebody wants to send me one, I’ll gladly give it a review. As a potential buyer, you may want to suggest to the market folks behind the Dial to have a look at this channel and decide if exposure here would be of benefit. Thanks!

    1. Well, gmail is email and yes, if you install the gmail app you can get gmail email directly as long as you are connected to a network.

  4. Hi, which one should i choose No.1 d5, Zeblaze blitz, KW88 or is there some alternative in this budget out in shops? Thx, happy that i found ur channel love it

    1. Check out the next upcoming video and you’ll have more questions than answers! In it I teardown five watches! It should be posted this weekend sometime.

  5. i understand that with x5 has hundred of faces,,,but with kw88 or zeblaze,i can use the same faces from x5? for my it important to use faces.
    can i change the strap (correa) for kw88 or zeblaze?

    1. At this point you cannot use the designer faces that run on the X5 watch on any of the Android 5.1 round watches. Folks are working to try and fix this. You cannot change the straps on these watches. Be sure to view my upcoming video on liking inside each of these watches.

  6. +smartwatchticks
    Am really torn out.. Which one should i go for.. Finow x5 or kw88 or iq i2.. Or any other round dial with a big amoled display which u can suggest pls?????

    1. Well, if it were me in your shoes, I’d take the FIOW X5 now because it has an extremely bright display and can display the community designed watch faces (unlike any of the Android 5.1 watches). If you want a newer Android 5.1, then I’d be looking hard at the KW88. It has a display almost as bright as the X5. The display is the largest of them all, too. Here, have a look at this video: https://youtu.be/8U2-AlW54a8 (it is uploading now and will be live in about 2 hours).

    1. That’s an easy answer. None! Verizon uses an incompatible network. AT&T or T-Mobile or 3rd party carriers that use their networks support smartwatches.

  7. What about the call quality, drop outs, wifi connection (speed and performance), 3G signal and how other sensors work. Just showing the android features does not fly

    1. Yea, what about all that stuff. Jump in Sanjeeva! I’ll gladly add links to your full system test videos. Pick a watch, any watch, and do all this for us, please? I may be Mr. Ticks but we need a few Tocks in the community to make the TickTock thing work. We will all appreciate the hours it will take to run these tests out to completion followed by your video report. Let me know when your first one’s up! Can’t wait!!

    1. I don’t think anybody has tested that yet. Guess it would depend on how long and often the camera is used. Shooting video, of course, would drain both the battery and the memory quickly. If you get results using your watch, please post them here so others will know as well. There are a lot of questions about battery life, and there are so many different answers.

    1. I doubt I will. Seems I’m always reusing watches in future videos involving firmware updates, etc. Example is the latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so-EJhwGGro These watches have been out for nearly a year, yet it is time to cover them again in a comparison strategy. Sometimes No.1 has giveaways on their Facebook page. Also check Gearbest for giveaways.

  8. I am not a fan of the docking method to charge the phone. USB is universal, when you need a docking station it means the watch is dead until you can get the dock. I much prefer watches with built in micro USB ports on them. MicroUSB cables are EVERYWHERE.
    Also who really uses the camera on these watches ? Great gimmick feature but never really used.


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