Redmi K20 Pro Vs ZenFone 6 Camera Comparison

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Redmi K20 Pro Vs ZenFone 6 side by side camera comparison. Including video, 4k30,4k60, 1080p, 1080p60, low light and photo comparisons from the ultrawide and main shooters. Don't forget to catch my ZenFone 6 Vs K20 Pro comparison also here:

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Comment (41)

  1. That was quick ..thanks for listening to the subscribers u really deserve many more really appreciate ur effort😊

    1. @Vladmir Putin Depends on what you want on a smartphone. If gaming comes first then smartphone comes second.

    2. @Joel Conolly thanks, but I think I will choose the Redmi K20/Pro because it is much cheaper and I do not take vlogs

    1. @BARRIVER QUALLEEN it has been garage for the past few years but they do listen to their customers and this time it is amazing…very close to stock android

    2. @AM3X yeah im just not sure why they chose to use an ips panel on then zenfone 6, even my 2 year old zenfone V from verizon has an amoled screen

  2. Zenfone 6 is really really suitable and usable for vloggers and travelers.. You like to take photos and videos? choose zenfone 6. The big battery 5000 mah can handle to your experience with zenfone 6.

    1. ​@Richank Dubey “And like I said, the cameras will be the same once the GCam comes out for both.

      that is completely wrong. it will equalizes software department, but not the lenses and drivers of the cameras. maybe you dont know, but the quality of lenses has a huge impact on image quality.
      pocophone (previous k20pro) has worse lenses that mi8, k20pro has worse lenses than mi9 (already tested), so there no chances that k20pro will be the same image quality as zenfone 6. after gcam came out zenfone will get pretty much the same quality boost (in %), as k20pro.

    2. @Richank Dubey – I have read someplace there is a GCam for the Asus and it does have a headphone jack. The dual SIM while still being able to use a micro SD is looking like a good option for me as I have two numbers and want to make some 4K videos. There is something for everyone.

    3. @Richank Dubey – Asus promised updates at least through Q and R (if those are the next two). Apparently they are aware they have not been very good in that department.

      Asus is also using a different (?) skin (?) and has taken off a lot of bloatware.

  3. I didn’t expect K20 pro to be that detailed, esp. the front camera (3:52 despite you prefer Zenfone one) where Xiaomi usually applies skin smoothing even just a little. ASUS is smart in making this flip camera, though. They practically only needs to handle one side, then evreything else can be reused for the other side. This slims down both development time and hardware cost, which is why the price is also low for a flagship. What matters now only how much they will be in my country.

  4. redmi k20 pro is such a “flagship killer”, that it was killed by their own mi9 in terms of camera quality.

  5. Plz answer … I have OnePlus 6
    Do i have to upgrade because of camera
    Iam happy with performance
    Thanks 😊😊 😊


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