Realme X2 Pro Review – The Killer Value Flagship

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realme X2 pro X 2 Moblie Phone Snapdragon 855 plus... US $419.88
US $524.85
realme X2 Pro X 2 6GB 64GB 6.5'' Moblie Phone Snap... US $420.92
US $546.65
Original Realme X2 Pro Mobile Phone 6.5 inch 90Hz ... US $449.99 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now
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Original Realme X2 Pro Mobile Phone 6.5 inch 90Hz ... US $569.99 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now

Realme X2 Pro Review. A full in-depth review covering battery life 90hz and 60hz. Camera review, video samples, loudspeaker test, gaming review, charge time test, benchmarks, Gcam test & more.
02:56 – Screen
04:50 – Audio & sample
06:29 – ROM performance
07:50 – Benchmarks & tests
11:18 – GCam works?
11:45 – Gaming review
13:51 – Camera review
19:36 – Final words
20:49 – Full Pros & Cons

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Unboxing video here:

X2 Pro charging time test & gaming thermals:

X2 Pro 4k60 sample:

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Comment (23)

  1. 20x zoom test photoshoot ?
    You would take it over OnePlus 7t pro?
    On aliexpress 256gb version sold now at $569

    Can you tell if they will fix 5x zoom quality update ?

  2. Thank you for nice review as always.

    Vivo, oppo, and oneplus is all under company called BBK(even op was under oppo before and company office was at same building with them).

    so its bit hard to saying oneplus or vivo is competitors of oppo realme devices. Its like calling lexus is competitor of toyota.
    Doesnt make any sense because they are basically under same company.

    they all sell very similar spec devices (like this and op7t), and use similar technology
    (many people knows first dashcharge was just copy and paste of oppo vooc charge, i mean at first they are literally same and still you can ‘dash’charge your op phone with oppo charging brick)

    But all you guys know which rom is superior then others, Oneplus’s oxygenos start with many devs who created paranoid android and never disappointed user.
    On other hand, vivo and oppo is using more typical Chinese brand rom.
    Choice is yours but im sure go with oxygenos

    1. Yes I’m aware of that same group of companies. They are pumping out so many phones now. Oppo Ace is really like this phone but 65W charger and 48MP camera. Screen brightness is less, the Oneplus 7T internals the same etc Thanks for the comment and for watching!

  3. Why the hell people don’t compare OnePlus 7t vs realmex2 pro camera
    Lots of people want that , especially tons of Indians

    1. Hi, isn’t it obvious I don’t have the OnePlus 7T. If I had it I would, but I cannot buy everything. Maybe send me one and I’ll do the comparison and then send it back to you? 😜

  4. The downside is the software
    And I doubt if the battery would stand the test of time due to the fast charging (50)
    Also I don’t buy the idea of all this 64/48mp cameras they don’t even beat the old sensors on the S10 which were introduced in the s8/s9
    And I doubt if it would have a good resale value
    By the way nice review
    Reviewers like you are rear unlike all this fanboy channels that won’t say the truth

  5. Please unbox the special edition of the phone which is red or grey colour your are only one who give the full depth review of this phone big support from India great work


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