Realme 5 Pro Review – Better Than The Redmi Note 8 Pro?

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Realme Q 6.3''Full Screen R 5 pro Snapdragon 712AI... US $168.98
US $225.30

Realme 5 Pro review. Full in-depth review covering the build, display, performance, benchmarks, battery life, camera review, audio plus video samples and pros and cons. More info:

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Comment (17)

  1. Thanks for watching, I hope you liked this review! I have the *Realme X2* (Currently testing) so check back for my review. If this video get’s some decent views I’ll see if I can dedicate time for some comparisons, Realme 5 Pro Vs Redmi Note 8 Pro camera comparison, for example, general comparison. Realme X2 Vs Redmi Note 8 Pro etc

    1. A comparison would be great.
      Similar specs wise is Mi 9 Lite, hope you would consider a newly release mid-ranger contender.

      Note 8 Pro v Realme 5 Pro…

  2. This video is out for 12 minutes and is 17 minutes long… how the hell this already has 2 dislikes?

  3. Accdg to some article I’ve read, its been told that Realme took inspiration from Redmi. This has been a talk in a lot of groups in FB.

    Now, this phone Realme 5 Pro, fills what’s missing lately in its competitor. I might consider Realme this time.


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