R/C Buying Guide Christmas 2019

Well, the holiday season is fast approaching, hardly was already here, and I thought I might do some a little bit different I've never actually done a video with some of my recommendations for the holiday season. I think you know, I hope you guys trust my opinion and I'm, not gon na mislead you. So I thought, maybe you guys would like a video where I can recommend some of the things that I think will be good purchases if your kids are looking for something remote control for Christmas. As you know, I review drones, but also cars and boats and anything or motor control related now, I'm gon na be linking you guys to these products. I recommend most I'll be using banggood to link to these, because I trust them the most of the Chinese vendors, because you know it takes a long time to get stuff from China and Vanga has been doing a real good job lately. As long as you order stuff by nana, of course, if you want to order from Amazon in your in the United States, it's gon na be much quicker and you're gon na have their really good customer service. So you never can go wrong there. The problem is many times these things on Amazon are marked up two, sometimes three times what they should be. You know, selling from China, from vendors such as bankers, so I'll be using banggood. I might use Amazon as well. If the price is is good and don't be too concerned with the price you see here on the screen, I will try to link to you the best price in the video description.

I just have them pulled up here in tabs, my browser, but there's. Maybe some coupons on some of these items that will lower the prices even more, and I was like I said, I'll try to include that in the video description. So the first thing I want to look at is just an overall what's, the best beginners drum for just someone who's getting into this hobby. Just a kid. Alright can be an adult someone who's getting into this and just want something to learn how to fly. You could never go wrong with the syma x5c. This is the one the newer version, according to banger, they had those in stock and if you're in the United States it's about 44 is what the price listed. Here you is from the US warehouse now again or maybe some coupons I can find to lower this down, and if so, I will include that in the description, but you can buy this from Amazon. You can buy them for probably BAE I'm certain and you maybe it'll find some of the x5c clones, but they always seem to fly as well a really close. So if you can find one for 20 or 25, bucks go for it. If I like said seeing the other ones like it, I will include those in the video description. The nice thing about the x5c it doesn't have altitude hold doesn't, have any fancy smart features, so it's really good to learn to fly with, and you will learn your orientation and throttle maintenance and all that important stuff.

So when you move up to something even it's easier to fly, you'll be fully confident, because if something goes wrong, it's not gon na make you throw you into a panic where someone who's only flown like say a GPS, drone let's say, is gon na freak out When they're drunk, if it drone all the sudden, starts misbehaving, so the next thing I want to look at is I'm just gon na go in order here. So these are not going to necessarily be in like progression from easiest to fly the hardest. But if you are someone who's really into getting into fpv and you are looking for something that's really good and easy to fly, but it's not really huge, so you can safely fly it let's say maybe in a large backyard or in a field near your house And you'll have to worry about the concerns of a large let's, say 5 or 7 inch racer, the 3 inch diet. Own are 349, which I reviewed the Easton version of just several months ago. It says this is exceptional. Now it doesn't have any HD camera on it, so be mindful that, but it does have a really nice analog fpv, you know, run cam micro, Swift on it and it uses the one I have this one doesn't have that the one I have I had the Team blacksheep video TX, which is really really good. This one is the cheaper when I don't think this one has a TBS video TX on it, but, as you can see here in the United States, this is 119 now, of course, this is binding lies.

Do you have to provide your actually? This is this one actually is plug and play so this one, you actually have to provide your own receiver and controller. So if you buy the receiver, you know I see our access, our free sky receiver, it just plugs in it's, not there's, no soldering required. It was super easy. I plugged it in put some tape around it to make sure it gets short against anything and then installed it up on the underneath, the canopy under the ton on the top of the drone underneath that and then get it bound up. So you'll need to get a receiver and you will need a controller for that. Of course, it will work with various systems I'm, just using free sky as an example. So I use with my Q x7, along with our XS our receiver. Now, if you're just getting into fpv – and you want something as brushless like this – but you can fly it indoors and outdoors – you don't – have to work, be worried about any fa weight restrictions. A 250 gram limit something you can whoop around in your house and outside you: can't go wrong with the Emacs tiny Hawk, now there's, a tiny Hawk s out, it's an upgrade to this one, but there's, no reason why you shouldn't start with the original one. Now this is also in the US warehouse 90 for just the drone. This one does come as bind and fly.

So if you Shu, you know the free sky and then you can bind it up with a co Tyranus and fly it around inside your house outside it does just fine. Is this. The original here just runs with a 1s lipo and it's really really good. Now the video TX is not the greatest, but up close flying like you up these little loops, it does really really well just be sure you get yourself. Extra props are have a place. You can order them for from such as down here. You can see two pairs of four dollars. These pop off the motors very easy and it's very easy to lose them. I have nearly lost my prop several time. In fact, I almost lost one before the review and didn't have any extra Stu didn't come with the vine and fly any extras did, but if you want to get the ready to fly version that one is running 155, of course, without any coop, this could be Lower with some sort of coupons, that's gon na give you a controller, so you don't have to worry about buying it with anything, and it seems like this. This controller is pretty decent, the drone and a pair of fpv goggles. So then, you can you're all ready to go right out of the box. You don't need to have any kind of fpv goggles. You don't need to have a controller to bind to this drone so for roughly 60 70 more dollars, you're gon na get the whole kit that's a good idea for anybody who has nothing if you want to get into fpv and you don't have a Taranis let's, Say you don't, you know you don't have any fpv goggles.

This is definitely one. I highly recommend you can see on 579 reviews, it's good for point nine, four stars, so this is a really really good one. It is highly recommended. You can also get these on Amazon as well, but I imagine it's gon na be more expensive, especially for the ready to fly now. If you like me and you like boats – and I love boats, they're, not always the most convenient cuz, you got to go to the lake to be able to drive them. I really like to fail in ft0 one one. I also love my volum text atomic. I think it's a v79, something like that it's up here, right above me here on my computer desk, that one's great as well, but not quite as cheap. You really can't go wrong, though, with the failing, ft0 11. This is a ready to run brushless boat. That comes with a 4s lipo, it flies. You know probably 35 miles an hour shoots, a big rooster tail out of it and if you haven't seen my review from a couple of summers ago, go check it out I'll just kind of go through some of the thumbnails over here. So you guys can see for this one. You can see how large it is of that person holding it. This is a really awesome boat ready to go. He just is super fast 125 dollars from the USA. Warehouse again, you can't go wrong with that, and this is gon na, probably a lot more on Amazon.

Just my guess. The only concern I have with this boat is the timer for 4 minutes, or so the low voltage on this boat is very short before it. Just putters sputters to stop, and then you got ta, let it rest a moment and give a little juice and a little juice. And you know you could have trouble getting into the shore if you hit low voltage very far from the shore, so it's best to have a timer going on this boat so that you can bring it back before it reaches the little voltage now, if you're really Into RC cars, are you looking at? Your kids are looking to get into RC cars. Some of these little 116 scale. Brushless trucks that are coming out are bright and they're under a hundred bucks. First one I show you is the Remo hobby 1635. This is a little brushless truck. I reviewed this one as well, so make sure you check out the review that I'll try to include my review links with the purchase links to the stuff. I reviewed this one's 98. Again. I think I had a coupon. It dropped. This down below 90, if it still works so again, I'll include that this one is only available from China to banggood, as you can see, there's a brushless motor and this one – you can see it here if I can get it to stay on that right in Here it's got some aluminum parts; it does use only a 2s.

A lithium ion, though it's fully ready to run with a charger. Your pistol grip controller, and it comes with everything you need. This one runs at around 25 miles an hour and it's a blast. It doesn't have all filled shocks, I'd, be the only upgrade. I would recommend for this one and that's gon na be really cheap, but it's not an absolute must. It works just fine on the friction shocks another one in this category. I also reviewed I love is the news in the honk you 903, this runs in the same price range. You can get it in two different colors, green and orange here, and this is a super one as well and again, if I have a coupon I'll include it. This one does come with a 2s. Lipo gives a little more kick off to go than ask max. Come to the charger comes with your pistol, grip style controller, and this is great. Only thing is this: one is a little bouncy or the spring or friction shocks. It tends to bounce more so than arre Mojave. You can see that in my review, video it's kind of bobbing and bouncing along a cig goes down the road, but it's got good power just like the ring a Mojave anything brushless is going to, and this one was. I didn't do a speed test on this, but this is gon na run. I could just tell by how it drove for me it's gon na, be in that same 25 to 30 mile per hour top speed as the Remo hobby s max.

Now, if you want to go to something bigger, just well now, I'm going to show you now it's, not new, but I love it, and that is the dhk Maximus. If your budget can justify 400 and that's about what's, a selling for it's gon na be a little more expensive, probably from anywhere in the US, and if I have a coup plan. Of course, I'll include it with this one. As I keep saying this truck, when I got mine was from gearbest with some for about two hundred and seventy dollars which they may have been losing money at the time believe it or not. I clicked on China you'll see this jumps up to 409. So if you live in the US, it's, actually ten dollars cheaper to buy it through the US warehouse. This uses two 2's lipos running together as 4s has a ton of of metal parts. Shocks it's very well built big hundred and twenty amp ESC here in it. It'S got you know a nice big cooling fan on the brushless motor. I think the ESC is a hobby wing. I believe just use you can see. The pictures are just really really nice. You can get spare parts for this in the USA, the RC Hobby explosions, where I got some of mine for dirt cheap, comes with a charger everything you need you need. I think you just have to pop the wheels on at this thing. It doesn't come with I'm, not a huge fan of the controller, but it gets the job done.

It has a good range I'm gon na be doing a video here soon, where I'm going to use a radio link controller that I got to upgrade to a little bit better, more comfortable controller compared to the fact you want. Some people also recommend you upgrade the steering servo it's, a better high torque one I've had no problems of mine, but that's also gon na be a cheap upgrade. So you get two batteries charger controller it's, just a beast at 18, 18 scale, so be mindful. So this is a gigantic truck, but 400 bucks is it's just great. So if that price range is okay for you, maybe you're an adult and you want to buy it for yourself for Christmas. You can't go wrong with this and it's very easy to work on. If you need to pick up spare parts which I again are very very cheap, let's move along now to what, if you want to get yourself into aerial, photography and a GPS drum, but you don't want to break the bank. Well, the first one I would recommend is the hubsan h, 11, 7's, otherwise known as the xeno. Now you can get the Z know sometimes as low as 240 dollars. There should be some sales coming up on it, so disregard this price, it's going to be cheaper than that, either through sales or coupon codes. Make sure that if you want the lowest price, you can figure it from China without a bag in with one battery.

This is a 4k capable drone with a nice reactive, stabilized gimbal. It flies pretty good and it takes a really good. Video has pretty decent range. Now I have not reviewed this drone. I had one I ordered it got returned to China. There are some issues with the xena, particularly getting them through Hong Kong Airport, with the riots there was a while back. I couldn't add this drone. Now you can so I guess they are now shipping them to the United States. Again, if you want to play it. Safe click on the USA, you'll pay a little bit more, but you'll be coming from California and there we no issues getting it, but the cheapest price you'll need to order it from China. That'S also where the the big discount codes always work. So definitely consider that one out for a little bit more money, you know if it if we're looking at a three hundred dollar range of the pneumatic mini that just came out. I don't have that one pulled up here. Let me see if I can go to let's, just Amazon. A look at the new maverick mini is is, is supposedly really good. I just haven't there's, no there's, no real road, not many reviews out, because the app is not available except to a few reviewers out there, and very few people have had any issues with that. You can see here. The Mavic Mini has listed here at '9 dollars, plus free shipping.

I got mine coming from Best Buy. You can't go wrong with this and I don't think, though I hate they recommend it too much since I have not actually had my hands on it and nobody that I know personally has reviewed it yet. But the reviews I've seen, have been very good and it's DJI. They don't put out junk. This is 2.7 K, so unless you absolutely need 4k video, this is a way to go, but the xeno does do 4k. If you got to have that 4k video, the Mavic mini, though, is got better range. It uses Wi Fi, just like the hubsan. The camera is probably still gon na be better on the Mavic mini and it should fly a little better just because of DJ's experience and they're just overall quality compared to hubsan. But you know if you can get this hubsan for around 250 now that's gon na be at 150 dollars less than a Mavic mini that's a lot of money. But if you're gon na be paying in a 330 to 350 range, then you might as well spend 50 extra bucks and get the Mavic mini. Alright guys well that's some my recommendations for Christmas again, that's just me, there's many other good things out there so make sure that you check with the reviewers that you trust the people who are going to tell you if things are good or bad. Remember of everything that, if somebody reviews is great, then or not being honest with you, alright guys have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, even though it's not for a little ways away and again check the video description for purchase, links, coupon codes and information regarding All these, including my reviews to the stuff that I reviewed again on the Z, know my friend John poopy has a Z, no Ron, Brown or Crawford those people all have him and they love him.

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